The Two Popes

Taken from an article at Non Possumus:

Evil display 1

evil display 2

On 5 July, the Pope and the Pope emeritus Benedict, together inaugurated a statue of St. Michael the Archangel, with a height of 5 meters, is located in the Vatican gardens. So far, so good.

Study closely the statue: St. Michael is represented as a beautiful, young Adonis, entirely naked or almost, closer to the statues of Apollo than a traditional representation of the head of the archangels, usually clad armor, which is logical because San Miguel is the head of the heavenly host. This statue, devilishly sexy, is defeating another, partially covered with what appears to be the rest of an armature. Both rest on a base shaped globe in entering a Latin quotation with the words of Christ that the gates of hell shall not prevail against his Church. Interestingly, the spear of the victor is oriented not toward the conquered but to the globe.

Francisco, inaugurating the statue, implored the Archangel Michael: “Turn us victorious over the temptations of power, wealth and sensuality”, while endorsing a representation of San Miguel that reeks of sensuality and lust!

For those who still see clearly, we are witnessing here manifestly an investment between Lucifer and San Miguel. This is, indeed, Lucifer-Apollo Abbe San Miguel in a bad position, and not the reverse as would have us believe. This meaning is reinforced by the symbolism of the globe, very well analyzed by our reader Géocédile: “The balloon has a square hole and the hand that carries the stigma is in a second square on the outside of the belt, as if it had been taken out of the hole left over the globe. Symbolically, the belt did not prevent the hand that has been torn stigmatized the globe and its removal leaves a hole in the place where it was located on Earth.

The inscription of the words of Christ around the globe to signify that this promise protects the Earth, The hand that symbolizes passion and its square base is the Church. My reading is that the base has been torn from the surface of the globe despite the belt: the promise has not been fulfilled, the Church has been torn from the world. In short, hell prevailed over the Church ”

What else to say except that the Holy Fathers openly mock us?

Note from pablo the Mexican:

The Angel on top is Satan; he has defeated Saint Michael, thus the torn clothing on the bottom Angel.

In Freemasonry and other occult Luciferian groups, Lucifer is really God.

This is why Lucifer is depicted also with angelic wings, and Saint Michael has diabolical wings.

A Mystery is, “Why is the hand wearing a ring?”