Saint Rafael Guízar Valencia
Reverend Father Rafael Arizaga is the Nephew of “Saint Rafael Guízar y Valencia” pictured above

Father, can you tell us how is the project of the new Monastery of San Jose?
Sure. First I want to thank all the faithful readers and friends for their help Non Possumus spiritual and material. I want to talk to the project has come a long way with the help of God and all of you. Providence we settled in Colombia. There were several important signals called us there, so now our plans are concentrated there. In recent months, these plans have been secured and all resistance is supporting us. The project is well under way and built a monastery, started about 6 years ago, thanks to the faith of some families who wanted to build something that would serve for the preservation of the faith.Without knowing exactly what it would be used, began to build a monastery and a Benedictine Monastery, by the way it was built, and being in the mountains, in a place where he has been for four centuries monasteries. These people God entrusted his work for a day out and consecrated religious house project to San Jose. Then when they saw me and had the project of a monastery, offered this construction, and after analyze it and see it with the superiors, saw it was the most suitable to begin the project of the Monastery of San José.

– When will open the monastery and where it is located?
Our plan is to open on October 7, with five monks, with the help of the Monastery of the Holy Cross in Brazil and many benefactors. The new vocations begin arriving next year.
San Jose has been in charge of the project from the beginning and we are very pleased that has advanced so quickly.
The monastery is located in the most blessed of Colombia, a few kilometers from the city of Chiquinquirá which is the national shrine of Our Lady of the Rosary, the most important in Colombia invocation of the Blessed Virgin. It is also within a mile of a former Dominican monastery, which was built in that area because the Apostle Bartholomew appeared asking to build a house of prayer, a religious house in that area, it was the Will of God. And as the Monastery now a museum, we saw that this desire of Jesus Christ through His Apostle St. Bartholomew, it is up to us to continue that work.

– What role has the Monastery of the Holy Cross in this new foundation?
The Santa Cruz saw that the best way to support and help his monastery, was found another Benedictine house. To receive vocations Spanish speaking and at the same time could share the work and ministry of the Holy Cross Monastery in Brazil. Then Dom Thomas has given us all your help, all their support, and with the help of the monks are also going to start this new monastery.

– Will you go monks of the Holy Cross to Colombia?
Yes They’re going to stay with us monks. Do not yet know how many, but for now comes one in October.

– How will the opening ceremony of the new Monastery on October 7?
We’ll make a solemn Mass with all the monks and a priest visitor who will also attend, as well as all the faithful. Our Lady of the Rosary is the patron at the start of the Monastery.

– Bishop Williamson is aware of the project?
Williamson, seeing how providential work, the desire to put a bastion of faith to preserve the legacy of Archbishop Lefebvre, and all the signs of God to settle there, he gave us his blessing and asked us monastic adventure in Colombia. He gave us his blessing and is willing to help us with everything we need. We only asked one thing: that we keep faithfully prayed the Divine Office in common every day, because this is the strongest stone of a Monastery, fidelity to the Holy Rule, the Divine Office and the traditional liturgy.

– How many monks and priests begin the Monastery?
We started 5 on October 7. Another priest who will be helping us, a priest friend of Tradition and has always worked in traditional circles.

– How faithful have visited and are helping this work?
We have visited in the last three months between 120-150 different faithful.

– They will attend to the faithful of the Resistance in need of sacraments?
Yes, at the request of Bishop Williamson, will be traveling to meet faithful, even to the faithful of Ecuador, in Quito and Cuenca. Visits are not yet fixed, but the visit occasionally.

‘Father, what is now the monastery needs? Are you quite finished?
The Monastery is habitable, you can live there but still very austere. We are still missing important things, for example, no electricity (we are putting solar panels), no drinking water, use water to bring the lake, we need a well. We have furniture, we are missing some windows, and we need to build a second floor to house another 10 monks. In addition, of course, the power of the monks. Therefore, we need the help of all the faithful of the Resistance.

-You have consecrated to San Jose entire project since leaving the United States, is not it?
He is the main protagonist of this project. San José is initiated, which continues and will culminate the work. They have been told to the monks who want to enter the monastery that St. Joseph is the Abbot, who all have to be devoted to San Jose, which is the perfect model of monastic life, the one who has loved Jesus Christ and the Blessed Virgin and help us perfection of Benedictine life. San Jose is the Abbot, is the father of the house and the monastery will be like Nazareth. The aim of all the monks is to become another San Jose who live to love the Blessed Virgin and to sacrifice for Jesus Christ through the vows of perfection and fidelity to the Rule. Working and praying as San Jose and along with him and through him and to him more pleasing to our Lord Jesus Christ and the Blessed Virgin.

– Does the Monastery website?

Yes, and we ask all the faithful who visit.

Thank you very much for the interview Father.

Reverend Father Rafael Arizaga is the Nephew of “Saint Rafael Guízar y Valencia” pictured above

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Isabella la Catolica Edict on the Jews

Isabella la Catolica


Edict of the Expulsion of the Jews (1492)

Translated from the Castilian by Edward Peters

(1) King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella, by the grace of God, King and Queen of Castile, Leon, Aragon, Sicily, Granada, Toledo, Valencia, Galicia, the Balearic Islands, Seville, Sardinia, Cordoba, Corsica, Murcia, Jaen, of the Algarve, Algeciras, Gibraltar, and of the Canary Islands, count and countess of Barcelona and lords of Biscay and Molina, dukes of Athens and Neopatria, counts of Rousillon and Cerdana, marquises of Oristan and of Gociano, to the prince Lord Juan, our very dear and muched love son, and to the other royal children, prelates, dukes, marquees, counts, masters of military orders, priors, grandees, knight commanders, governors of castles and fortified places of our kingdoms and lordships, and to councils, magistrates, mayors, constables, district judges, knights, official squires, and all good men of the noble and loyal city of Burgos and other cities, towns, and villages of its bishopric and of other archbishoprics, bishoprics, dioceses of our kingdom and lordships, and to the residential quarters of the Jews of the said city of Burgos and of all the aforesaid cities, towns, and villages of its bishopric and of the other cities, towns, and villages of our aforementioned kingdoms and lordships, and to all Jews and to all individual Jews of those places, and to barons and women of whatever age they may be, and to all other persons of whatever law, estate, dignity, preeminence, and condition they may be, and to all to whom the matter contained in this charter pertains or may pertain. Salutations and grace.

(2) You know well or ought to know, that whereas we have been informed that in these our kingdoms there were some wicked Christians who Judaized and apostatized from our holy Catholic faith, the great cause of which was interaction between the Jews and these Christians, in the cortes which we held in the city of Toledo in the past year of one thousand, four hundred and eighty, we ordered the separation of the said Jews in all the cities, towns and villages of our kingdoms and lordships and [commanded] that they be given Jewish quarters and separated places where they should live, hoping that by their separation the situation would remedy itself. Furthermore, we procured and gave orders that inquisition should be made in our aforementioned kingships and lordships, which as you know has for twelve years been made and is being made, and by many guilty persons have been discovered, as is very well known, and accordingly we are informed by the inquisitors and by other devout persons, ecclesiastical and secular, that great injury has resulted and still results, since the Christians have engaged in and continue to engage in social interaction and communication they have had means and ways they can to subvert and to steal faithful Christians from our holy Catholic faith and to separate them from it, and to draw them to themselves and subvert them to their own wicked belief and conviction, instructing them in the ceremonies and observances of their law, holding meetings at which they read and teach that which people must hold and believe according to their law, achieving that the Christians and their children be circumcised, and giving them books from which they may read their prayers and declaring to them the fasts that they must keep, and joining with them to read and teach them the history of their law, indicating to them the festivals before they occur, advising them of what in them they are to hold and observe, carrying to them and giving to them from their houses unleavened bread and meats ritually slaughtered, instructing them about the things from which they must refrain, as much in eating as in other things in order to observe their law, and persuading them as much as they can to hold and observe the law of Moses, convincing them that there is no other law or truth except for that one. This proved by many statements and confessions, both from these same Jews and from those who have been perverted and enticed by them, which has redounded to the great injury, detriment, and opprobrium of our holy Catholic faith.

(3) Notwithstanding that we were informed of the great part of this before now and we knew that the true remedy for all these injuries and inconveniences was to prohibit all interaction between the said Jews and Christians and banish them from all our kingdoms, we desired to content ourselves by commanding them to leave all cities, towns, and villages of Andalusia where it appears that they have done the greatest injury, believing that that would be sufficient so that those of other cities, towns, and villages of our kingdoms and lordships would cease to do and commit the aforesaid acts. And since we are informed that neither that step nor the passing of sentence [of condemnation] against the said Jews who have been most guilty of the said crimes and delicts against our holy Catholic faith have been sufficient as a complete remedy to obviate and correct so great an opprobrium and offense to the faith and the Christian religion, because every day it is found and appears that the said Jews increase in continuing their evil and wicked purpose wherever they live and congregate, and so that there will not be any place where they further offend our holy faith, and corrupt those whom God has until now most desired to preserve, as well as those who had fallen but amended and returned to Holy Mother Church, the which according to the weakness of our humanity and by diabolical astuteness and suggestion that continually wages war against us may easily occur unless the principal cause of it be removed, which is to banish the said Jews from our kingdoms. Because whenever any grave and detestable crime is committed by members of any organization or corporation, it is reasonable that such an organization or corporation should be dissolved and annihilated and that the lesser members as well as tile greater and everyone for the others be punished, and that those who perturb the good and honest life of cities and towns and by contagion can injure others should be expelled from those places and even if for lighter causes, that may be injurious to the Republic, how Much more for those greater and most dangerous and most contagious crimes such as this.

(4) Therefore, we, with the counsel and advice of prelates, great noblemen of our kingdoms, and other persons of learning and wisdom of our Council, having taken deliberation about this matter, resolve to order the said Jews and Jewesses of our kingdoms to depart and never to return or come back to them or to any of them. And concerning this we command this our charter to be given, by which we order all Jews and Jewesses of whatever age they may be, who live, reside, and exist in our said kingdoms and lordships, as much those who are natives as those who are not, who by whatever manner or whatever cause have come to live and reside therein, that by the end of the month of July next of the present year, they depart from all of these our said realms and lordships, along with their sons and daughters, menservants and maidservants, Jewish familiars, those who are great as well as the lesser folk, of whatever age they may be, and they shall not dare to return to those places, nor to reside in them, nor to live in any part of them, neither temporarily on the way to somewhere else nor in any other manner, under pain that if they do not perform and comply with this command and should be found in our said kingdom and lordships and should in any manner live in them, they incur the penalty of death and the confiscation of all their possessions by our Chamber of Finance, incurring these penalties by the act itself, without further trial, sentence, or declaration. And we command and forbid that any person or persons of the said kingdoms, of whatever estate, condition, or dignity that they may be, shall dare to receive, protect, defend, nor hold publicly or secretly any Jew or Jewess beyond the date of the end of July and from henceforth forever, in their lands, houses, or in other parts of any of our said kingdoms and lordships, under pain of losing all their possessions, vassals, fortified places, and other inheritances, and beyond this of losing whatever financial grants they hold from us by our Chamber of Finance.

(5) And so that the said Jews and Jewesses during the stated period of time until the end of the said month of July may be better able to dispose of themselves, and their possession, and their estates, for the present we take and receive them under our Security, protection, and royal safeguard, and we secure to them and to their possessions that for the duration of the said time until the said last day of the said month of July they may travel and be safe, they may enter, sell, trade, and alienate all their movable and rooted possessions and dispose of them freely and at their will, and that during the said time, no one shall harm them, nor injure them, no wrong shall be done to them against justice, in their persons or in their possessions, under the penalty which falls on and is incurred by those who violate the royal safeguard. And we likewise give license and faculty to those said Jews and Jewesses that they be able to export their goods and estates out of these our said kingdoms and lordships by sea or land as long as they do not export gold or silver or coined money or other things prohibited by the laws of our kingdoms, excepting merchandise and things that are not prohibited.

(6) And we command all councils, justices, magistrates, knights, squires, officials, and all good men of the said city of Burgos and of the other cities, towns, and villages of our said kingdoms and lordships and all our new vassals, subjects, and natives that they preserve and comply with and cause to be preserved and complied with this our charter and all that is contained in it, and to give and to cause to be given all assistance and favor in its application under penalty of [being at] our mercy and the confiscation of all their possessions and offices by our Chamber of Finance. And because this must be brought to the notice of all, so that no one may pretend ignorance, we command that this our charter be posted in the customary plazas and places of the said city and of the principal cities, towns, and villages of its bishopric as an announcement and as a public document. And no one shall do any damage to it in any manner under penalty of being at our mercy and the deprivation of their offices and the confiscation of their possessions, which will happen to each one who might do this. Moreover, we command the [man] who shows them this our charter that he summon [those who act against the charter] to appear before us at our court wherever we may be, on the day that they are summoned during the fifteen days following the crime under the said penalty, under which we command whichever public scribe who would be called for the purpose of reading this our charter that the signed charter with its seal should be shown to you all so that we may know that our command is carried out.

(7) Given in our city of Granada, the XXXI day of the month of March, the year of the birth of our lord Jesus Christ one thousand four hundred and ninety-two years.

I, the King, I the Queen,

I, Juan de Coloma, secretary of the king and queen our lords, have caused this to be written at their command. Registered by Cabrera, Almacan chancellor.


Father Hewko letter to Menzingen

Post by pablothemexican on 22 minutes ago
September 21, 2013
Feast of St. Matthew


Your Excellency, Bishop Fellay and Society of St. Pius X Superiors,

In the face of a Pope in the Chair of St. Peter, wielding the sledge-hammer like a second Goliath, dismantling and smashing what is left of the Traditional Teachings of Christ and His Mass, your silence has become alarming and has become a cooperation in extinguishing the Catholic Religion and His True Adoration from the face of the earth.

The “children” of the Society of St. Pius X have cried out for 40 years in this last hour, led by the most child-like Archbishop Lefebvre, who loved and defended his Father’s honor. The time has come for the “stones” of the street; the most unworthy, unglamorous, despised and the “off-scouring of the world” to cry out. Those of the SSPX Resistance can no longer be silent in the face of the present leadership of the Society, shamefully silent at the most necessary hour! All our letters, appeals, filial rebukes have been returned with silences, monitions and expulsions.

All of us who were alive under our saintly Founder, Abp. Lefebvre, remember his letters to the priests and faithful, his sermons crying out against the abominations of the Ecumenical Assisi Meeting, the Pope’s scandals against the True Faith and Our Lord Jesus Christ, the True God! All of us remember hearing these, like a beacon of light in the darkness of the modern apostasy. A voice of the fearless Good Shepherd roaring out, like a second David or Samson, to protect the flock of Christ from the masked wolves inside. These wolves, tearing out the Faith of Tradition and ripping out the hearts of those consecrated to God, with the fatal blows of Religious Liberty, Ecumenism, Collegiality, the baneful New Mass and all the artful lies to seduce the handful of Traditional Communities into the Conciliar Church.

The catechism teaches there is a time when silence becomes gravely imprudent, reckless and even cooperates with sin and darkness. That time is now! From the SSPX pulpits, websites, magazines, articles, etc. comes a shameful silence. A silence that uses the “liberty of prudence” as a cloak for malice, a silence equivalent to those passively standing by, while their mother is defiled and violently ravaged by the very ones vowed and ordained to defend Mother Church!

The reason for this guilty silence is now known to all the world. It is expressed in the General Chapter Statement of July 14, 2012, which was the “Vatican II Revolution” within the last bastion of Catholic Tradition. In it, the Society binds itself to the six Conditions for the canonical normalization. An agreement with whom? With the Conciliar Church! The Archbishop was never silent about the Pope’s scandals and respectfully wrote to him, defied his ecumenism and sins against the Faith, before the whole world, and even resorted to drawings showing the Holy Father, Pope John Paul II being excluded from the gates of Heaven for leading the world to believe that the gods of the gentiles are not devils, as at Assisi!

Now, Pope Francis has surpassed his predecessors in scandals against the Faith by the ecumenical call for prayers for peace from all religions, celebrating the ecumenical rite in St. Peter’s; by the unheard of scandals of World Youth Day in Brazil; with the shameful dancing of bishops who, like salt that has lost its savor, have become the laughing stock of the world, worthy to be stepped on for betraying the True God. His sweeping statements on atheists, the divorced, the Sodom and Gomorrhites, clerical celibacy, etc., etc., have misled millions of souls into error and, no doubt, sins. Sins that seem “not so bad,” since according to him, even “atheists can go to Heaven,” and “who am I to judge the gays?”

Since the new policies of the Society fit the new principles of compromise, now it has lent its hands to abolishing what is left of the True Faith and Adoration of God from the face of the earth, by its shameful silence!

It is useless to pretend that the seeking a “canonical normalization,” an “agreement,” “recognition,” a “union” with Modernist Rome can be pleasing to God, before Rome’s conversion to Tradition. The six Conditions themselves, betray the clear teaching of our Founder who insisted that we never have to ask permission to preach Jesus Christ, and Jesus Christ, Crucified! That we openly preach against Vatican II errors and prelates who attack the Faith, because Christ Himself gave that command to the first Pope and Bishops. Archbishop Lefebvre would shudder with horror at the thought of the Indifferentism subtly expressed in the six Conditions and would absolutely condemn the new policy of silence and expulsion of his priests who speak out, against a false union with the Conciliar Church that is aggressively wrecking the Faith and Mass of All Time.

Would he approve of your calling the New Mass “legitimate” or “legitimately promulgated” (which is the same thing)?

Would he approve of all the statements on the Council “not being the cause of errors,” Religious Liberty being “limited,” 95% of the Council acceptable, that the teachings of Vatican II “enlighten” and “deepen” Catholic Tradition?

Would the Founder approve of your signing the Doctrinal Declaration of April 15, 2012, which undermines everything he fought for to save the Faith?

Would he approve of the acceptance of the New Code of Canon Law without the clear distinctions he laid down?

Would he approve of the personal Prelature of the Society that submits to the present Roman authorities, who he called “dishonest men” seeking to remove Christ from society? Have his warnings been forgotten when he said: “With the See of Peter and posts of authority in Rome being occupied by anti-Christs, the destruction of the Kingdom of Our Lord is rapidly being carried out, even in His Mystical Body here below…That is what has brought down upon our heads persecution by the Rome of the anti-Christs. This Rome, Modern and Liberal, is carrying on its work of destruction of the Kingdom of Our Lord, as Assisi and the confirmation of the liberal theses of Vatican II on Religious Liberty prove…” (Abp. Lefebvre, Letter to Future Bishops August 29, 1987).

Would Abp. Lefebvre even recognize his Society today when its leader says: “Vatican II is no longer in people’s heads,…fewer and fewer believe it”? “We have observed a change of attitude in the Church…towards Tradition,” or “Within the Society some (like Abp. Lefebvre himself!) are making the conciliar errors into ‘super heresies’”…or “the present situation in April 2012 is quite different from that of 1988”? That, having said and signed all these ambiguous statements, compromises and decisions, none of them have yet been rejected or condemned? None of them, neither clearly nor publicly!

Would Abp. Lefebvre look favorably on the expulsion of a bishop that he himself sent as rector of the Seminary in the USA and being fully aware of his “unpopular views,” chose him personally to be one of his bishops, as well?

Your Excellency, the grave dangers against the Faith which you have placed the priests and faithful into, by accepting what you yourself condemned 11 years ago, demand a response from your subjects. The Archbishop’s words ring ever true: “It is not the subjects who form superiors, but the superiors who form the subjects.” Now that your position is clearer, as you expressed to the Holy Father, Benedict XVI, “I committed myself,…and I do intend to continue to make every effort to pursue this path in order to arrive at the necessary clarifications, clarifications for the personal Prelature to be carried out,” knowing, moreover, that Rome has not converted back to Tradition, demands the Resistance to your boldness.

Since Vatican Council II, the Popes had a right to our resistance and disobedience because of dangerous errors on the Faith, so more and more people are seeing that you force us to do the same because of your new direction, acceptance of the legitimacy of the New Mass, New Code, Vatican II in the light of Tradition, etc. This is unheard of in the history of the SSPX!

Since you are deaf to your sons’ appeals, and fail to condemn your statements and persist to punish any who warn you or the faithful, you oblige the priests of the Resistance all over the world to pick up where you left off. You oblige us to continue the work of Abp. Lefebvre which is nothing other than the work of the Catholic Church, “without bitterness and without compromises.” The words of Our Lady of Quito, Ecuador seem frightfully so true, that “the Church will be full of those who accept compromise,” when we need to be the ones to cry out, fight, combat openly the evils of Conciliar Rome, leading many souls into apostasy and to Hell-fire. The glory of Christ the King demands it! The COMMON GOOD OF THE CHURCH demands it!

For the love of your soul, your Excellency, please hold an urgent General Chapter. Condemn the new policies and compromises with Vatican II and the New Mass. Return to the stand of Abp. Lefebvre on all the points listed above, resign yourself, and let there be a true son of Abp. Lefebvre to replace you, Fr. Faure, for instance. This alone could save the Society. Otherwise, the work of Tradition will peacefully continue, if it pleases God, in the SSPX Resistance, Marian Corps.

“If the children will not cry out, the very stones in the street will cry out!”

The Faith may be compromised and betrayed by men, but the True God does not die!


Immaculate Heart of Mary, hasten Thine hour of Victory!

Sincerely in Christ the King,

Fr. David Hewko


To Our Friends and Benfactors

Sept 8, 2013
Nativity of Our Lady

Dear Friends and Benefactors,

“To write I am not able, to blog I am ashamed, therefore I know what I shall do, that when I am removed from my Priestly Fraternity I may yet be received into everlasting dwellings. . . and the Lord commended the unjust steward for as much as he had done wisely: for the children of this world are wiser in their generation than the children of light. And I say to you: make unto you friends of the mammon of iniquity; that when you shall fail, they may receive you into everlasting dwellings.” (c.f. Lk. 16: 3-10)

Let the Wise, the Elders, and the just debate, discuss, blog, until they have informed the world, their friends as also themselves of their own wisdom, justice and uprightness of soul justifying their own positions with wise words and counsels, councils and meetings until. . . until . . . ? ? ? a better blog reduces their Neilson ratings or until. . . until. . . ??? the good lord of the Deists comes down to rewind the wrist watch of time. Meanwhile. . . Every man for himself, fighting a balanced, “guerrilla (Kuala bear) war.” Certainly the old wise man knows the importance of not over straining oneself, and taking one’s meds on time—avoiding addiction of course. We need more information—its an in-formation age—more truth on the web etc. The wise and just will weigh all things in the balance, such as the Truth of Christ’s Faith on the one side and its steady abandonment on the other by the neo-Traditionalists of the neo-SSPX and its new friends in the Ecclesia Dei Communities. Wherever you are, there remain so long as you don’t worry but keep yourself informed. As long as you know the Truth, speak to your friends of it over moderate balanced proportions of non genetically modified, moderately priced decent quality alcohol with some Tradition behind it, that’s the key to preserving your wisdom untainted until. . .??? better times chosen by God, of course. The Wise do not rush Providence, but wait for the Good Gods Divine welfare check.

Enough for the wise. Many blogs and forums are available to feed their wisdom and keep them informed. What are the unjust stewards, the simple foolish, sinful souls to do in their plight? What are those who lack the wisdom to decipher all the newspeak of the SSPX from the former Truespeak of its Founder? What future is there for young sinners who need clear unequivocal, unambiguous teaching in order to preserve the Faith of their Fathers that holy Faith which they must keep unstained, untainted until death in all too stained, tainted and sinful souls? What is to be done with old sinners who in their poor excessive simpleness see only a repetition of the Vatican II of their youth in their present SSPX chapels? What are the ostracized and rejected to do—souls of simple, all too ignorant sheep untrained in the art of eating “life-giving” internet grains of wheat? These simple souls don’t know which credit card to use in order to have over nighted from absolution for sins, Holy Communion, a living voice to teach them the Faith they don’t know well how to read.

The Church founded by Jesus Christ, the Incarnate God is an Incarnational Church. This Holy Mother cannot be without “other Christs” incarnationally going about with His blessings, Sacraments, publishing Him who is The Truth. Perhaps the wise can live without these things, since their wisdom supplies. Perhaps the rich need not live without these things since their money can always pay a priest to live with them and provide for their personal needs—but what of the rest of men? What of the poor whom our Divine Founder so Loved? What of the Lost Sheep Our Divine Shepherd sought? What of prodigal sons Our Divine Father eagerly awaited and captured for a feast? What of the weak and cowardly Apostles that Our Divine Risen Lord sought and healed? What of the doubting Apostles, Our Divine Lord and Most Divine God showed His scars that their doubts may be gently washed away?

Is the Good God only going to save the wise, the strong, the good souls that have to prove themselves first? If this is true, then our un-changing God has changed. If He has changed, he was not God to begin with, or maybe, the Modernists are right and God has evolved. Let those who believe such, either convert or be damned in God’s unchanging fire of Divine Justice in Hell.

Most of us, Shepherds and sheep alike, are unjust stewards or poor sinners who wish only to pour their tears on the feet of the Divine Lord of infinite Merciful love. Surely, that Lord who is more technical than modern technology can send us shepherds–even if they be unjust stewards that forgive others (since they also are in need of great forgiveness themselves) and teach the Truth so that they may be received in everlasting dwellings. As some wise commentators have recently said “things are worse now than in the days of the Holy Archbishop” then it is indeed more urgent that we apply the remedy of the Holy Archbishop founder of the SSPX and continue his work of forming priests, weak in their humanity but strong in unbending Faith in Jesus Christ the King of Our universe, King of all Societies whether of Angels, men or ants, King of all Truth and in a word King of all things great and small.

We do not need especially intelligent, or strong men, but rather men aware of their ineptitude, sinfulness, etc. and who at the same time are willing to abandon their frail minds, hearts and bodies to the God of all Creation, that God who formed each thing perfectly in an instant over 6 days of His Creative Work. That God who rested from the work of Creation on the 7th Day. That God who took up the work of re-creating (Mirabilius Reformasti) Man, due to his tragic fall, on the Day called Good Friday, where God through blood and sweat Re-Created, re-stretched, and reformed man “more wonderfully” upon the Cross.

Man has fallen again, and The Lord God wants “Other Christs” Apostles of Creation and Re-Creation who will go out clothed as was Adam in Grace and Faith to wounded and abandoned souls, crying for help. These Apostles of Creation must go to a devolving demonic world preparing for the Anti-Christ in order to speak the words of God believing with unflinching Faith in their power and unequivocal Truth and ready to bleed and sweat stretched out on the Crosses of Airplanes, Trains, Automobiles, hotel Rooms, and rented halls to confess Souls in stairways, to encourage souls in garages, telling them that “the Kingdom of God is at hand, yeah it is even at the doors.” The day is far advanced the night is at hand, we must work to save souls. Souls cannot be saved with half-truths and mediocre teaching. Christ told us “where I am there also my minister shall be.”(Jn. 12:26) What an exciting time to be a priest of God. We go where the faithful call, not knowing whom we shall meet in the way. Pray that The Lord God send weak ministers who will confound the strong, men of Charity who will be the terror of the Cruel wicked spirits of this world, Men of Simplicity who will confound the latest and greatest high-tech ways of Gods enemies, Men whose only weapon is The Truth stretched out on a Cross, Whose only enemy is Lies and the Father of Lies, whose only hope is their Mother the Mother of all those who want to love Her Son in His Crucified Physical and Mystical Body.

On October 20, 2013 We will begin, by the grace of God, a Seminary under the protection of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, under the Guidance of Our Lady of Good Success, with all hope and confidence in Our Lady of Fatima, to form young men of unflinching Faith, Apostles of Creation, warriors against the Satanic enemy of all Creation and its Good God. These Apostles must have an uncompromising Supernatural Faith as did our ancient forefathers in the Church. Over the last year I have visited more than 120 priests of Tradition. More than 30 of them are priests of “the Resistance” another 60 or so are either fully or partially supporting “the Resistance.” More than 20 young men from around 10 different countries have expressed interest in joining this Seminary of “the Resistance.” Others have requested brother-hood as well. Many old Warrior priests have told us “you must begin, the situation is too grave, we can no longer recommend our young men to enter the theologically devolving Seminaries of the SSPX.”

We don’t have a 50million dollar facility, but a Spartan dilapidated one in need of great repair. We begin anyway in the same place where Fr. Cyprian began Our Lady of Guadalupe Monastery back in 1989 in the midst of “the Holy Land of Kentucky” where between 1808 and 1848 the early Missionaries of the United States were formed. Within 20 Miles of our little Seminary and Novitiate are the bones of more than 100 of those early pioneer priests.

God bless all of you, please keep us “unjust stewards” in your prayers,

in Christ,

Fr. Joseph Pfeiffer

We must continue the vision and work of our Founder Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre. A new vision has replaced his in the neo- SSPX. We remain with the vision, Faith and spirit of our Founder.

Young men interested in a vocation to the Priesthood or Brotherhood please contact us at Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, 1730 N. Stillwell Rd. Boston, KY 40107 or 303-549-3047 or 315-391-7575