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*Resistance Australia
30th September 2013

Dear Fr Pfeiffer,

We cannot crumble, being crumbs already, but we can be crushed, as more calls keep on pouring on our little number of priests, six and a half only so far for the Austrasian region, Fathers Nariai (who entertained me very kindly recently), Pancras, Suelo, Hartley, Elijah, Valan Rajkumar and yours truly. The outlook, much improved from a year ago deserves a visit from you without too much delay.


On September 17th, we moved at last to the House of Our Lady of Lourdes in Tanauam, three priests, two seminarians, one famous cook.

It is a farm, yet 50 minutes away from the airport… if we had a car!

I am very glad that we have a place where Fr Suelo can truly rest, far from the fowl air of Manila. This place seemed to be at first without mosquitoes, and now in the rainy season, you can sleep with open window and switch off the fan…. therefore no need of buying air conditioning. That is good news because we are so broke, so for instance, today’s lunch was cooked on firewood, a little burned, and we had the bananas of the property for desert. The Manila ladies came to the rescue, and the food is now up to resistance standards.

… but so are the mosquitoes.

More than a year after the sspx crisis, at last, I do have a place i can call home, following the seminary schedule as well. Our opponents should be glad to learn that we have only two seminarians to begin with, but we are plying our way bravely through the Questions of the Summa. I preached my first Marian retreat the week after. We bought a 6 inch brass bell for the regularity of the house. It is small but the range is good enough; it rings 14 times a day; its name is Little Mary! Fitting, isn’t it, for a microseminary…


Not all Australians like Vegemite, to my great astonishment, and I reckon the same thing applies to the SSPX decaf. It was claimed to be a Resistance free zone… like Africa.

I began with Sydney having around thirty people interested in the resistance and several scattered groups nearby. Brisbane and Melbourne-Tynong are the biggest groups though, numbering kind of fifty people each, with a distinct reaction from the XSPX, leading basically to the same result. The reaction of Fr Taouk in Brisbane is near hysterical, given the tune on his cell phones, the threats to the faithful, the refusal of absolution and even the slamming of the confessionnal door. Another Brisbane priest made an interesting comment when presented with complaints about the AFD of Bishop Fellay: “and so what? there are good things in Vatican II!”. I hope for Brisbane that Fr Hartley will start to do something, he has 25 faithful on his own, doesn’t want to be Novus Ordo, got con-validated by a Thuc line bishop, but doesn’t want to be a sedevacantist either, nor does he want to join the reconciliar XSPX. Australia needs another Fr Cummins.

In the spare weekdays, I did a little foray to the Cairns area, and found five souls, but got homesick in Atherton, a place resembling the central highlands of France.

So I headed down to Adelaide where the resistance is down to ten brave souls and should not shrink any further because of the sheer bravery of these people who accept totally to be reprimanded, blackmailed and put away for the sake of the truth. They told me how the Ecclesia Dei people were delighted by Bishop Fellay’s visit and famed Adelaide conference last year, which does not differ that much from the Lille conference of May 07th of this year, (where, most notably, the bishop maintain his AFD as a misunderstood, subtle text, not to be used only because it divides, not because it is false).

Just as we must not abandon the Adelaide people, we must take a good care of the Streaky Bay people, because there, the use of the stick has secured the entire group of families for the resistance, to the exception of two or three people. There again the leaders are confirming that they are not getting proper answers from the XSPX priests; it is all about obedience and saying that “these priests are not going to come back, you are not going to have the mass any more… etc.” So the whole group is thrown out from the Chapel and we had the Mass in a Shearing shed, quite a beautiful liturgical surrounding for two first Holy Communions. Led by John Cash, they will hold strong.

In Tynong the resistance to the resistance is minimal, bearing the same results than the techniques of Fr Taouk. There the confrères are more polite, Fr Delsorte was kind, saluting, and Fr Belisle accepted to see me, his point being that the Society’s opposition to Vatican II has never been as black and white as we wish to portray it, pointing the Institutio Generalis that is referred to in our Constitution. There appeared again, the new line of the Society, namely that we can cling to what is acceptable in the conciliar doctrine and in the new “magisterium” to draw near the official Church. In his view we are just exaggerating, and the liberal slogans in the online presentation of the school are just there because of legal reasons. My question is “Why not say so?” Take the government money if you will, but don’t take the goverment’s ideas, or at least say that the government forces you to post these errors… but is that permitted by God? I don’t think so.

So the point remains, ever since the SG letter of April 15th 2012: Vatican 2 is not a super heresy, we must keep what is good in it, interpret what is ambiguous in the LOTrad, and reject what is bad. Forget about the de Malo of St Thomas Aquinas, and the way heresy has ever crept throughout History. Ambiguity is no heresy, it is a place for discussion and interpretation. That new line has triumphed; it has corrupted leading minds, like that of Fr Belisle. He sent me off politely.

There are two species of liberals, the nasty and the kind one. The second is tougher to deal with, even if the first one tries to inflict pain, tries.

But just as those Fathers refuse to see the doctrinal change, nay, take part in it, there is always, everywhere, a tiny group of faithful that have kept their eyes opened, so we are expecting maybe seventy people for the Bishop’s visit in December. We even used the hall where the Society got started for the Sunday mass. It is a great blessing to have Fr Ortiz visiting them in the meantime. Fr Hartley is not the only one in our hopes for permanent priests for these good people, so that the smoking wick does not die, but thrive (say it in Australian accent).


In Chennai proper the XSPX has been so swept away that it feels that the 2012 crisis never happened, regular masses, incoming babies, a few more people from the novus ordo.

Then Fathe Valan and I took advantage of the cheapness of the Indian public transportation, something like 15 dollars from New York to Minneapolis and visited a string of families, saying masses at their places. South Tamil Nadu has some people requiring our assistance, but down the line, you are going to see tiny clumps in the south.

I think it was very important to see them, and of course we had the extra joy to see our friendly priests in tuticorin.. There is a candidate for the priesthood, and the old priests are really helpful for Fr Valan.

Then I flew to Goa where i saw 50 people in two groups, Goa as i never saw it before (it always stagnated in the past ten years). I gave a mini 2 days ignatian retreat, organised by Joseph Vaz, confessions, sacraments, sunday Mass, rock bottom budget. We shall do it again. Most of those people are out of reach of any bruccianic blackmail, because they come straight from the novus ordo, and understand a full condemnation of it, but they need regular visits, so Fr Valan will provide in between my twice yearly visits.

Most of the good people are accounted for in Goa, and it is the same in Bombay, where my ties have stayed very strong. You can t wipe out 7 years of apostolate there, so I wonder why Fr Brucciani had to threaten people, for basically the same result as in Chennai. Not only that, but the pratnala Sisters allowed me to use their church, and i don t recall ever saying the mass in a Church in Bombay.

Interestingly, we have a clear case of marriage annulment in Bombay, a first in the resistance, if it happens. The novus ordo hesitates, because one of the spouses excluded the procreation of children, and that is not sufficient ground for them. That s typical of the new Code.

Then I headed back to Chennai for a few days. As the XSPX is claiming the village of RN Kandigai, we decided to unleash one of our most terrifying but yet undisclosed weapon: a picnic! I sang the Mass in the Church, nothing has changed, except the saffronized color of the church.


Our biggest weakness in the rest of Asia is that we are still overextended, so that the weaker elements of the mission can get picked up while we are away, by the mainstream society, using the full weight of their priestly authority and the full weight of the institution. With our mission rhythm of today, I don t think the health of Fr Suelo is going to hold indefinitely. so Providence is sending us another volunteer to man the stations, Fr Elijah OFM. he came at the retreat and is going to stay with us once he obtains his leave of absence for his franciscan community. he is abandonning the novus ordo altogether, and the house of Batangas had a big role to play into his decision.

I have no numerical progress to report except in Japan. Fr Nariai is expressing renewed friendship, after some time. I will pay him visits when I can. The core people of the diverse centers of Asia are holding strong, especially in Singapore where, even before I broached on the subject, people told me that the XSPX is persistently refusing to inform the faithful about the horrendous behaviour of Pope Francis, demonstrating hereby a clear slide. When the priests of the district are asked specific question, they take evasive action or never mention the issue of the new Rome in their sermons any more. A real doctrinal shift is in progress. The priory of Manila is printing and distributing the conference of Fr Themann that defends the AFD and the doctrinal shift, and those Filipinos that use their minds wonder how can it be, since they are told at the same time that the AFD has been rejected officially. Signs of a liberal slide are now appearing in Asia, the most notorious one being the new indian bulletin of the XSPX, called “The flying squirrel”(?) that sports a sermon of pope Francis on page two and three. In it the Pope makes a bad exegesis of Luke chapter nine, praises the arch communist Fr Arrupe S.J.. who even gave sleepless nights to Paul VI. In the past we never published the homilies of John Paul II, even a so called good one. The news section praises the World Youth Day, the Opus Dei volunteers teaching the good news of football, the Jesuit center for human rights, a Pentecostal minister arrested for his Pentecostal faith, the bishop of Cochin for opening a novus ordo radio… so I asked it to be scanned and put on the internet.

But, again, while the whole world speaks about Pope Francis, the paralysis of the XSPX, or the deliberate refusal to address this issue speaks volumes, ahead of me even speaking to these people.

The opening of the Batangas House of Our Lady of Lourdes has been a big drain on my finances and that of Julie Cordova, but it is a necessity, especially for the health of Fr Suelo, who has come to rescue us from our financial plight by…. buying a gold detector. Father is specifically looking for the gold left behind precipitously by the Japanese during WW2. In the first attempt he found the underground water pump, then later in the day the instrument pointed straight to the statue of Our Lady… it could not be otherwise, because she has a Heart of gold.

In the hope that he find something sufficient to prop us all up until Judgement Day, I assure you of all my prayers and devotion.

In the golden Hearts of Jesus and Mary,

Francois Chazal, SSPX-MC

Update on the Resistance from Fr. Chazal
April 20th 2013

“Thanks to tactics of intimidation being used against the faithful who are being condemned to no longer having a Mass, Fr. Valan Rajkumar is now having to take control of all the missions around Chennai, the capital of Tamil Nadu.

Between the Mass centres of Saidapet (50), Bangalore, (another 50 to the north of the town, to our great surprise), Margao (50 also were at Mass there on Good Shepherd Sunday) and the village of RN Kandighai (300), Fr. Valan is now responsible for some 450 faithful, to which must be added all the others which are scattered through out this vast country. As an example, Roland Fernandez waits for us in Delhi, and some families who are attached to the position of Abp. Lefebvre have made themselves knowning the Persian Gulf. We should also add to that the rest of Tamil Nadu where we are being helped from now on by Fr. Pancras, an old friend of Bp. Williamson. He will visit Chennai every month to take care of the night vigils on the first Friday of the month, a real spiritual marathon. Fr. Xavier Ignatius has also received us with open arms, and asks us for help building a church for his 100 faithful of Tuticorin, and he is getting fed up with the official SSPX because during the 30 years of Society presence nothing has been done for this group which is one of the best in India. Fr. Selvaraj has agreed to look after our group in Coimbatore, to the west of Tamil Nadu.

.We were very well received in Bombay and Vasai where a large number of the faithful understand very well what is going on at the moment within Tradition. The fact that we haven’t been able to visit them during the last eleven months, since this crisis began last May, has not prevented them from keeping themselves informed and preparing to receive us. On the other hand, our reception in Palyamkottai left something to be desired, although that didn’t come as a great suprise. If we add the missions in the Far East, more than 1000 faithful, 7 priests and 4 potential seminarians have escaped the grip of the liberals.

We can conclude that in less than a year, the beginnings of the Resistance are looking promising in Asia. Coordination is perfect, with visits from outside being organized, financial support, publications (we’re planning to print 2000 altar missals), and the emergence of an ad hoc hierarchy, which for the moment is informal. The excessive and liberal behaviour of certain priests over here, the expulsion of Bp. Williamson and the awful 15th April declaration (which remains unretracted as far as its substance is concerned) have allowed many eyes to be opened.

In Jesu et Maria,

Fr. Francois Chazal

ASIAN REPORT from Fr. F. Chazal

Posted on June 17, 2013 at 10:45 PM


Dear Fr Pfeiffer

Thanks for waiting so long; as I was preaching a one man show retreat in Tagaytay… and I am not like Josey Wales, capable to preach a whole retreat, carry the sollicitude of all the Churches, run a worlwide resistance network and spiritualdirectionize lost souls on the otherside of the hemisphere via cell phone.

Bishop Williamson trip in Asia was a shot in the arm for all centers. He saw 400 people, gave 52 confirmations, lots of speeches, consecrated two Chalices and his good humor, punch lines and british touch were totally enjoyed by everyone. He is up and running, but I agree with you, his fourth piston is yet to fire. but the fact that we discussed so long on the issue demonstrates that at least he is not irritated by the question and expresses a willingness to understand that if he departs this world, leaving us orphans, either his soul is lost or we don’t need sacraments. “You are almost making me a Christian”… did he tell me as i was piling arguments sky high. Fr de Tanouarn, a prince among our French liberals, says he will not do it; I think it is an omen to the contrary.

As a consequence i feel fully exonerated from the obligation to come to Virginia. I have done my part. But, could you please give him a copy of “Gods and Generals” as a birthday gift, or at least play Stonewall’s Virginia speech on a big screen, saying: “Just as we, would never march into any other place, and novusordoize other people, so we would never allow anybody to march into our place, and novusordoize our people!”

The Korean Group is growing; 40 were present for the Confirmation on Sunday. The next Sunday mass after the Bishop’s visit, the chapel was almost full, and plenty young with new faces, but i cannot tell if we are going to get back to pre-2012-crisis levels in Korea.

In the Philippines, the Manila ceremonies at Emmy Cortez’ went very well for the little group. Again, the house of Julie Cordova is now too small for Sunday Mass. We have to look for another place, all the while the Tanay group is calling us, thanks to Fr Suelo. Manila area is then 100 souls, but i think the XSPX is going to counterattack in Tanay. Fr Suelo says they will hold. The coming of Fr Suelo is the key outcome of the Bishop’s visit in Manila. If he continues like that, other soldiers are going to join. For my part I am immensely relieved by this one good old fighting priest. Fr Suelo is as old school as old school can be, as you know so well.

In Leyte 150 people showed up in Maasin, they came also from Santa Cruz, Sogod, Ormoc and Hindang. The Bato people have been totally brainwashed and call us schismatics, like Fr Laisney (who, by the way, refuses to reply to “L’illusion Liberale II” and calls me insane). His Lordship really liked his stay, it was like vacations for him, walking by the sea shore and enjoying my outdoor chess defeat at the hands of Fr Suelo. We had a procession of the Blessed Sacrament down the streets of Maasin, with plenty of missing liturgical items and rubrics, but the Good Lord understand that we come from almost zero. His Lordship looked in the Maasin situation and concludes the same as us: high handedness on good people that should have not be molested or scandalized.

Then we crossed to Dagohoy in Bohol, to a group that has been traditionnal for 20 years, but that was never visited by a bishop for confirmations. They were 40, 13 of them confirmands. The Bishop really liked that little chapel, in the middle of nowhere, and of course our main man, Romeo, was absent! Philippinos will be Philippinos! I wish he could have met Loyd also, the backup man!

Then we crossed to Cebu and met 50 people, half of them so late that those among them who needed it could not receive confirmation. Ramses did a great work. We were in a hurry, but the Bishop gave three speeches (because of the late comers), breaking spears with attorney Bakalso, whom i still respect very much. I also brought the Bishop to Lola Bertha, who was a bit confused because she is being blocked from letting the bishop that blessed the chapel on her property celebrate the Mass and Confirmations ten years later. But again, the Bishop was happy to see her and told her it was all right and that he understood the situation. I am going to begin to give Sunday Masses for Cebu, thanks to the flex given by Fr Suelo, whose health is improving just as we make him move around. The confinement in his room, day after day, in Manila, appears to be the cause of his lung problems. To be confirmed, though. I cross my fingers.

Another thing worthy of note; His Lordship told us to do all we could for the three or four aspirants to the Priesthood; then he went down and blessed the future house in Batangas. It should open in September. But if candidates can be shipped over to you, that would be still a solution that I would prefer, because there is not enough of us, (even if Fr Kramer comes for a few months), to train them fully. The Bishop told me to teach them the elements: Latin, Scripture, Encyclicals, History and English. No spirituality. Nothing going in to their heads, the total opposite of the Castle in Spain in Virginia. I really trust that you are going to do the same with the Seminary on the Hillbelly, under the laughs of the fancy clerics of our time. I am ready, as promised, to give you three months in three installments per year to help you in that task, and if i get a third priest for East Asia, whithout requesting you to swap your Mass circuits with me, even if it would be best. everybody is waiting for you.

Then we flew to Singapore, for 20 people, mostly from the Yeo Clan. They were very good and talked at length with His Lordship. He took a good 48 hours rest, just as we went to admire the glory of Babylon the Great. As it is my custom, I read him the corresponding chapters of the Apocalypse from the top of the Sands Hotel and Casino, the craziest babylonic place that i know of. We also had some tea at the Raffle’s Hotel, a brilliant relic of some forgotten power’s past.

The key people of the Malaysia group being abroad, I cancelled the visit of the Bishop, but they are going to receive monthly mass starting July. We also omitted Japan (15 souls), Iloilo (20 people yesterday), and other small centers together with the new groups that are calling us now and that i have not started to visit myself.

The news in India is good, Fr Valan is indestructible, Fr Pancras is joining the fray nicely, and preparations for Australia are almost complete. Ils ne passeront pas!

Come in November.

In Iesu et Maria,

Francois Chazal sspx-mc


Men of the Resistance

Christ High Priest


“Without the Sacrament of Holy Orders, we would not have the Lord. Who put him there in that tabernacle?
The priest. Who welcomed your soul at the beginning of your life? The priest. Who feeds your soul
and gives it strength for its journey? The priest. Who will prepare it to appear before God,
bathing it one last time in the blood of Jesus Christ? The priest, always the priest.
And if this soul should happen to die, who will raise it up,
who will restore its calm and peace? Again, the priest…
After God, the priest is everything! …
Only in heaven will he fully realize what he is”
St. John Vianney, the Cure d’Ars.

Innumerable Saints said, throughout history, that the priesthood has a vital importance for the salvation of the Christian community. Today we have the misfortune to see how humanity is being demolished quickly, by unimaginable evils in all areas: family, education, morality, science, economics etc. but, unfortunately, modern man is not able to see clearly what is the root cause of what is happening. I am firmly convinced that the origin of all is the lack of true faith. But the Apostle ask: “How then shall they call on him, in whom they have not believed? Or how shall they believe him, of whom they have not heard? And how shall they hear, without a preacher? (…) How beautiful are the feet of them that preach the gospel of peace, of them that bring glad tidings of good things!” (Rom. 10: 14-15). This is the main explanation for why I want to be a priest, to preach the good news of Christ, the source of true peace.
Three things we see in this teaching of St. Paul. 1) That to have faith is absolutely necessary to have priests who recognize themselves as priests 2) the ministry of the priest is not a mere social work, which superficially improve human life through the relativistic and ecumenical “peace”, as the modernists believe, and liberals, and the “liberation theology”, but he primarily seeks God and seeks to do His will, not only because it is good but because God commanded and His decisions are the trusts of soul Christian and 3) to find true peace (not that of sentimentality) but that only He can give (pacem meam do vobis) is required to act according to the Good News of Christ. It is clear, then, that it is necessary for the Christian to endorse the words of the Roman writer Vegetius saying “Igitur qui desiderat pacem, bellum praeparet” and remember the words of the Holy Father Leo XIII: “The Christian is born to fight.”

While studying at the Seminary of XXXX XXX, I read that the Father Castellani -skilled at wordplay- said: “In South America many years ago, missionaries came from afar to evangelize the Indians (indios) today, missionaries have a more difficult job, evangelize the godless (sindios)”. I have no doubt that if at the time of Father Castellani things were difficult, even more will be in my days, but I have no fear to shed the last drop of my blood to fulfill what His Eminence Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, the most heroic Saint of our times, reminded his priests in episcopal ordinations in 1988 (and now seems to have been forgotten by almost all the bishops) “Please, please, continue to keep this treasure which we have given you. Do not abandon the faithful, do not abandon the Church! Continue the Church!”.

God help me and give me the grace to do.


Throughout my life I have beheld the miracles of the Lord. I saw fulfilled what St. Paul said “all things work together for good to those who love God (Rm 8, 28). I understood that love means staying true to his word although we will against the world (as St. Athanasius). So, after many struggles, God placed me in front of a great priest who taught me with patience the doctrine and confirmed the things I have always defended. The Catholic Tradition. This priest was Father Jean-Michel Faure, who was long time head of the Church of Asuncion, Paraguay. After a long process of preparation, he sent me to (blocked by pablo). Obviously I had high hopes of being able to serve missions as a priest, to celebrate Mass, to teach the faithful, in short, to be a priest faithful to God and shepherd of his people. A few days after arriving at the seminar began to notice strange things. I thought mine were illusions. I thought I wanted to see a copy of Father Faure in all others. Anyway, I tried to fit into the cheesy system because he considered was right. No communication with the outside, it was impossible for a long time to understand what was happening. A colleague once told me that it was not advisable to read “Prometheus” for that book is no longer emphasized in class. Another told me about the intransigence of a monk named Thomas Aquinas who was living in Brazil and its unwelcome opinions about a topic that I did not understand. They were also striking the harsh criticism that the Director was of some priests that I did not know. Particularly terrible for me was the greatly attack to the Bishop Williamson and the pitiful form with he was defamed. I remember one of the events that struck me most was that, during a class, the Director in person, explained the historical-critical method that I had attacked for years. Many reviews I endured by resist this and now, in a traditional seminar, found it again. I could not hide my anger and explained why it was not compatible with sound doctrine. Three hours later, I was back to XXXXX with the sentence “for my years of struggle I had become too intransigent”. I was ashamed to come before the Father Faure and tell what happened to the Director. Great was my surprise when Father Faure said: Yes, things are very bad. And he told me everything he knew. He suggested that I should go to the Monastery of the Holy Cross until organize the Resistance led by Fr Pfeiffer. And providence wanted it. In the Monastery had the opportunity to meet great priests, faithful to God and the Doctrine. I met the monk who spoke both all in XXX XXX, Don Thomas Aquinas, who can only be described by one word: holiness. I also met Fr. Pfeiffer, the bastion of tradition, which together with Fr. Hewko, work hard for the salvation of the faith of all times, with trust in the promise of Christ for h
His friends (John 15:15)
In conclusion, this is why I want to exercise the priestly ministry at Our Lady of Mount Carmel: Because the SSPX has been hurt by the sting of modernism and because I have been guided by the example of many holy priests, friends of Christ, who are resisted and are organized to continue the struggle for faith always, to the work that Providence gives us as relief to withstand the attacks of Satan. If accepted, you can be sure they will have a loyal soldier.


REX! Interview with H. E. Bishop Williamson (2013)

September 30th, 2013
Motto: Something is rotten in the state of Denmark. (Shakespeare, Hamlet)
Your Excellency, let me first thank you very much for allowing me to ask you a few questions which our readers may be interested in.
REX!: Many people want to know your opinion on various things; however, it seems to me that no-one asks you a plain question first: How do you feel a year later since having been expelled from SSPX? And can you in connection with this tell our readers how does your usual daily schedule look like now?

bpW: As for feelings, I do not blame anybody for not asking me about how I feel. As the French would say, the problem is not there. The problem is global apostasy !
As for my daily routine, if I am not travelling, I am living for the moment “under the radar” in London, looking after myself, occupied quite heavily with writing for each week in French and English the “Eleison Comments”, and then with vetting the German, Italian and Spanish translations. The “Comments” have a number of devoted translators, and a Frenchwoman who vets my French !

REX!: I began this interview with the motto as I usually do. In this case it seemed to me quite appropriate to start with Shakespeare. First, I know you like the great author; second, the quotation would quite precisely characterize the present state of the Church and world itself, too. What in your opinion is rotten in today´s Church and world, or let me be more specific, what is the principal root of the rot?

bpW: The principal root of the rot is that the mass of human beings alive on earth, created by God and for God, have turned their backs on Him. It is a Luciferian worldwide revolt against our Creator, and will be severely punished, because only a severe punishment can still stop almost all souls alive from sliding into Hell. God punishes those whom He loves, like any good father. See Hebrews XII, 7. It is a revolt that has built up over centuries, if not millennia, led by true Satanists who want every single soul to fall into Hell.

REX!: You in your Eleison Comments or in your conferences occasionally use the term “fiftiesism” to describe a kind of Catholic mentality of 1950s. It seems you consider this to be one of the precursors of what happened after Vatican II. Can you, please, explain it?

bpW: “Fiftiesism”, as I call it, means that form of Catholicism in the 1950’s which kept up many of the appearances of the true Church, but inside was all ready to go with the modern world in its apostasy. All that was needed for the appearances of the true Church to collapse was churchmen who would disguise the collapse as a “renewal” or “renovation” of the Church, just as Protestantism was disguised as a “reform” or “Reformation”.
REX!: You are often being accused of being a unity breaker; the Resistance blamed for being sectarian. To me it on the contrary seems that Menzingen is right now claiming much more jurisdiction than it really possesses. Can you, please, comment on this?
bpW: Unity that is not unity in the truth will be unity in a lie. Unity is always secondary in this respect. Around what is the unity uniting ? That is the question. Did Archbishop Lefebvre break or uphold the unity of the true Church ? Menzingen today, whatever it may pretend in words, is in reality wanting to unite the Society of St Pius X around a policy of rejoining the mainstream Church, which is Conciliar. Menzingen has no authority whatsoever to promote such a compliance with the worldwide apostasy.

REX!: How does it come, Your Excellency, that the same people who understand that archbishop Lefebvre´s resistance to the Conciliar authorities was correct and talk about the Revolution, nevertheless ask for blind obedience to their condemnation of the Resistance? I certainly understand that the fundamental problem is whose attitude is in fact in line with the Archbishop´s one. We all, however, know that the Archbishop signed the Protocol in 1988 only to cancel it the very next day. Bishop Fellay was ready to sign even the worst version of it under the title Doctrinal Preambule…

bpW: By his wisdom, faith, fidelity, sanctity and personal charisma the Archbishop drew many young men to follow him in the 1970’s and 1980’s who never really understood the fullness of his reasons for resisting the Council, and fighting against it. This is because they never understood just how far the modern world has gone wrong. Therefore as long as the Archbishop was alive, they lined up behind him like ducklings following Mother Duck on a pond. But within a few years of his no longer being amongst them, they began to fall back into the ways of the modern world (see for instance the story of GREC). It is a process all too natural for fallen human nature. Exactly the same thing happened in the diocese of Campos in Brazil when Bishop de Castro Mayer was no longer there amongst his priests, only it happened there faster.
When you mention the Archbishop’s “attitude” and the very different attitude of Bishop Fellay, you are correctly concentrating on the issues which determine where are true unity and obedience, and where are false unity and obedience. It is a shame that so many good SSPX priests and laity apparently never understood the Archbishop’s fight for the Faith and for the Church, or his “disobedience”, but such is the power of the world all around us to distract and to mislead souls.

REX!: You were close to archbishop Lefebvre and I suppose you knew him quite well. How do you think he would hypothetically see things today? Ratzinger becoming the Pope (only to retire after some time), then the new Pope Francis “no-number” etc. And what do you think he would tell bishop Fellay?

bpW: I can remember the Archbishop calling Cardinal Ratzinger, as he then was, the “Artful Dodger”, which was a very kind way of putting it. The Archbishop would have had no illusions about Pope Ratzinger. As for Pope Francis, I think the Archbishop would have shrugged his shoulders in horror. Does that sound contradictory ? “What do you expect of the Conciliar Church ?” he would have said. To Bishop Fellay I am sure that – in private ! – he would have spoken very severely. I think even Bishop Fellay would have been shaken. But would Bishop Fellay have changed his ways if he had not had to ? I doubt it.

REX!: Your Excellency, some people say, mostly in a derogatory way, that you are interested in various conspiracies. Thus it is presupposed that anything you say on the topic must be taken with a lenient smile: “The conspiracy nut, you know…” In spite of this, can you give us your opinion on possible conspiracy within SSPX? The Church has been infiltrated long before why should not be much smaller and weaker SSPX at some time, too? Do you think there may be anything true about it? How would such a conspiracy operate in reality?

bpW: As for conspiracies, many people will swallow the absurd conspiracy theory, for instance, of 19 Arabs pulling off the attacks of 11 September, 2001, while they refuse the mass of evidence of the real conspiracy, namely that those attacks were an “inside job”. When the peoples of the world want decadence while pretending not to want it, politicians are two a penny who pretend to be conservative while in fact serving the Revolution. Hence such politicians work in the dark. Hence conspiracy becomes normal.
As for conspiracy within the SSPX, I have never wanted to believe that any of my colleagues could be infiltrators or conspirators, but if I think about it, I might name a few, because what has happened to the SSPX corresponds to the fruits of a conspiracy. Certainly Bishop Fellay likes to work in the dark because he does not like what he calls “leaks”.
However, in many a case, including that of the fall of the SSPX, I do not think that a conspiracy is mainly to blame. Mainly to blame is not the match but the pile of dry wood just waiting to be set on fire. With the SSPX that pile would be too many bishops, priests and laity that have not a strong enough faith to have understood what the SSPX was all about.

REX!: Menzingen´s policy is sometimes described with a slogan, “Pay, pray, obey”. Do you think it is fitting? And what do you think about the economic situation of SSPX? On one hand, money is spent on the megalomaniac purposes such as the new oversized seminary in the USA, on the second hand, the donations are undoubtedly lessening. Do you think the time may come when SSPX ends up in bankruptcy?

bpW: “Pay, pray and obey” was a slogan attributed to the leaders of the Church in the 1950’s. It is not Catholic, because Almighty God does not want mindless and lukewarm robots in his Heaven. He spits “Fiftiesism” out of his mouth. Menzingen has clearly fallen back into “Fiftiesism”.
As for the present finances of the SSPX, I have no reliable information, one way or the other. But Americans have a saying, “No doctrine, no dollars.” The mainstream SSPX is giving up on doctrine. It would be most normal for it to lose the dollars.

REX!: What would you tell someone who says that in fact all the present quarrels can be traced far back, they are mostly personal, and have nothing to do with principles although it is now presented so?

bpW: In a lecture given in Ireland last spring, I am told that Bishop Fellay said half a dozen times that the problem of Bishop Williamson is a purely personal problem, supposedly a personal antagonism. Now it is true that I find highly distasteful what he has done to the SSPX, but the problem is absolutely not personal. It is a problem of the Faith. This is what he wants to disguise by pretending that the problem is mine, a personal problem with him or with whoever. Nonsense ! My problem with Menzingen is ideological, and it is not my problem, but Menzingen’s. Just like Archbishop Lefebvre’s problem with the Newchurch.

REX!: We have heard about the faithful being denied the Sacraments in SSPX chapels only due to their previous assistance at the Mass celebrated by a Resistance priest. In the Czech republic the situation is not as dramatic as in other countries in the world. Yet we have seen the Czech prior´s Declaration issued a few months ago with the approval of the then District Superior which in one of three points (the other two being irrelevant for our purposes) says:
“The activity of Bishop Williamson after his expulsion from SSPX is more and more directed against our Priestly society, he speaks about us as of a “Newsociety”. He also returns to the thematization of his revisionist theories which lead to the relativization of the Nazi crimes, which is unacceptable. Thus all the future activities claiming to support Bishop Williamson will be regarded as being hostile towards our Priestly Society.”

I think you may share any opinions you wish in a case of a free matter but I do not want to ask you about the historical questions because of the national law which is almost identical to the German one. Nonetheless, would you please comment on the Declaration´s point as to the term “Newsociety”? With this Declaration a few of us have become enemies literally overnight…

bpW: Just as what Vatican II has made of the Church is something so different from the true Church that it is realistic to speak of a “Newchurch”, so what Bishop Fellay and his collaborators have done to the Society of St Pius X is so different from what Archbishop Lefebvre founded that it seems to me entirely realistic to speak of a “Newsociety”. The fall of the mainstream Church after Vatican II and the recently manifest fall of the SSPX are entirely parallel. It is the same malady – love of the modern world.

REX!: There is a true story of a young man from the Czech republic who participated in the Walsingham Pilgrimage in England. When he came back home the Czech SSPX prior asked him simple yet surprising question: “Tell me on which side do you stand? Are you with us or Bishop Williamson? You must decide!” In a small country where there are not many possibilities other than attending the SSPX masses this question seemed rather shocking. The prior even told him that the issue would have to be solved in the district HQ in Jaidhof, Austria [Czech republic technically belongs to the Austrian district]. The man also played an organ during the SSPX masses regularly. He was asked to stop doing so because of what was mentioned above. Can you comment on this?

bpW: What do you expect ? The SSPX has changed. I have been consistently and openly opposed to that change. The promoters of the change are bound to defend their change and so to attack anybody who opposes it. Many good priests have been thrown out of the Newsociety for that reason, and any layfolk that follow them are liable to be denied the sacraments. There is a well-known saying: “Nobody is so sectarian as a liberal”.

REX!: Now a question of eminent interest for many. Did anything change that could push you nearer to ordaining a bishop or bishops in the near future? Are you decided or you wait for a sign of God?

bpW: I think that the consecration of a bishop or bishops to ensure in the present circumstances, as best humans can, the defence of the Faith, is simply a matter of time. I do not know when or where, but I have no objection in principle, especially as it is becoming inconceivable for any of the other three SSPX bishops to consecrate a candidate who would not fit the Conciliar profile, as they say. In practice I am waiting for Providence to show its hand, as I think it will. It is God’s Church. He does look after it !

REX!: A very debated topic recently: Do you think the time is coming when Russia will be consecrated to the Immaculate Heart, i.e. the time when everything will seem almost lost? If yes, why do you think so?

bpW: I am certain that Russia will eventually be consecrated to the Immaculate Heart, because did not Our Lord say to Sister Lucy in 1931 that it would be ? But He also said that it would be late, in other words only when the world situation will seem to be desperate.

REX!: Is there anything special you would like to tell the readers in conclusion of this interview?

bpW: Watch and pray, watch and pray, Fifteen Mysteries every day. And may God bless abundantly every reader that wishes to adore, love and serve Him.

Thank you, Your Excellency, for your time and for everything you do. May God bless you!
Interviewer: D. Grof
Source: REX!

Štítky: bishop Williamson, Doctrinal Preambule, Newsociety, SSPX
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