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Letter to Faithful Monasterio San José Santa Sofía, Boyacá, Colombia



                                                                                                                                                         August, 2014

                                                                                                            Monasterio San José

                                                                                           Santa Sofía, Boyacá, Colombia

Dear friends and benefactors:

            We greet you while beseeching the Blessed Virgin Mary to protect you filling you always with her blessings.

            The crisis without precedent which we are living through in the Church and in the world oblige us as never before to “watch and pray” in order not to be taken over by the infernal current concerning all good and sacred things which want to destroy. Any crisis is at the end a chastisement to the evil and to the sacrilegious people, but a proof of virtue and fidelity for the good ones.

            But the proof is so severe that it oblige us to take all the available divine weapons within our reach having at the same time a fighting spirit. But it is not all what we need; the virtue of prudence demand from us a very good knowledge of our enemy in order to perform an effective fight. Nowadays the enemy has under its power and dominium all the economical, political and religious things within the modern societies. The enemy teaches at ease all their false doctrine and moral using all the means of communication. Our enemies are those who decide nowadays what people are going to believe and how they are going to act. The front lines of the enemy are far to advanced; destruction and darkness never before were so terrible and fearful. Before this grave situation, we must take the resolution to live inside this reality of things even if they are so cruel. This situation must move us and convince us about the necessity of “watch and pray” constantly, without rest. Watching and keeping the treasures of grace and truth we have received; watching and defending them; watching and attacking our enemies, who are the very enemies of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

            Praying in order to keep ourselves united to our General in chief, Our Lord; praying and working to open the eyes of our neighbor in order to rescue them from the deceit and the destruction, drafting them into the army of Our Lord Jesus Christ. We must live inside of this reality if we want to triumph together with Our Lord and if we do not want to be deceived. We are in war and whoever wants to ignore the fact is going to be defeated. This war obliges us to an extreme prudence about not using the poisoness weapons of our enemies, their doctrine and morals; keeping ourselves far from their communication means of teaching it; keeping ourselves far from their liberal and modernist spirit which is contaminating everything. Never there will be enough caution about these dangers. Our prayer must be uninterrupted. Let us not fall asleep, let us not be deceived by their delusions. Let the love for truth, the love for Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, keep us steadfast in this combat which might end up into martyrdom, who knows, only God knows, but it is of capital importance to be in a state of “watch and pray”, by this actitude of war, we shall be, with the grace of God, ready to give even our lifes for Him if that be necessary.

            Thank you for your generosity, the works at the monastery has been improving at the spiritual and material level. Please keep helping us in order to continue that good fight for Our Lord Jesus Christ and for the salvation of your souls.

            With our blessing and our daily prayers for each one of you.

Padre Rafael, OSB y community
Prior of the Monastery San José