Pray Mightily…

Pray mightily for a soul that is suffering much.

God is requiring this penance of him for whatever reason Our Lord deigns.

May the Widows and Orphans weep before Our Lord on his behalf.

Christ High Priest



Post Falls Idaho Retreat August 2014 (Pics and Suggestions added)

Click here for flyer  RESISTANCE RETREATS  Post Falls Idaho

Women’s Retreat……………………Post Falls, ID—–Sunday, August 24th to Friday, August, 29, 2014*

Men’s Retreat……………….Post Falls, ID—–Sunday, August 31st to Friday, September, 5th, 2014 *




Retreat 10 Zephyr Lodge Retreat 9 Zephyr Lodge Retreat 8 Zephyr Lodge Retreat 7 Zephyr Lodge Retreat 6 Zephyr Lodge Retreat 5 Zephyr Lodge Retreat 4 Zephyr Lodge Retreat 3 Zephyr Lodge Retreat 2 Zephyr Lodge



Click on these for more PDFs: Retreat List 1 2014 08-05 Retreat Airport to Zephyr Lodge – Google Maps Retreat List 1 2014 08-05 Retreat Zephyr Lodge – Google Maps

Please find attached some photos of the lodge.  It was a glory back in the 1920s but is old and lacks common amenities (such as temperature control) . . . still charming.


Bathrooms are basic and will have to be shared approx 6-7 per, but there should be enough rooms for each person to have their own.  Bedding is not provided so travelers should contact local friends to see if they could provide it for them.  WE ARE ALLOWED TO MOVE FURNITURE AROUND so pushing them against one wall, works, or pulling the mattress off onto the floor to get out of the bunk bed is allowed too.


The lake setting is nice but it is not a private lake so there will be summer traffic out there.  The beach is private so there shouldn’t be much distraction.  One thing they really stressed was the need for bug spray due to the lake-side location.


image 5480 ‘The dorm ‘ is a 3-story building and where most of the people will want to stay.  The two-top floors have 4-bedrooms per bath and are built later than the lodge so the plumbing is slightly improved.  There is a large room in the bottom for conferences.