Emergency Addendum! New Hampshire Resistance

Altar Emergency Addendum: Our Lady of Sorrows, New Hampshire Resistance November 2014 issue #1a Our Lady told the Children in Fatima 1917 the church would be reduced to a remnant. Well here we are. I don’t really know how to say this other then, BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU PRAY FOR YOU JUST MAY GET IT! We all have be praying for more priest to join the resistance, one of the priest was Fr. Zendejas. This past Sunday Fr. Zendejas called Fr Pfeiffer and told he would be taking over his CT. and New Jersey Chapels! In The attached recordings you will hear Fr. Zendejas speak as if he had spoken with Fr. Pfeiffer and he was part of the resistance, completely false! He did not have the permission of Fr. Pfeiffer to do this! Attached is Sunday’s mass and conference of Fr. Zendejas in New Jersey. This sounds like to me, the sudo-SSPX he talks a lot and he really is saying nothing……just like the Felleyer’s…..what do you all think? Let me know……………..watch for wolfs dear flock in sheep’s clothing!!! *Why won’t he talk about why he left? *Why won’t he speak out about the sudo-SSPX? *Why is he in the two most organized places that *Fr. Pfeiffer has built up? *Where is the money going? *Not to Our Lady of Mount Carmel…..WHY?????? Fr. Zendejas would be under Bishop Williamson? Do we really need to be sending our US dollars to build the resistance in Europe? What is really going on here!? This is a complete betrayal! We are at war here my dear friend! What team are you on? The side of Christ the King? Fighting alongside Fr.’s Pfeiffer, Hewko, Voigt, etc.? Or with men that would infiltrate and capitalize an established resistance chapel that was monetarily doing well? Why would a Spanish speaking priest go to a place so established when there are millions of POOR Spanish speaking people begging for a priest? Why? Why? Why? We cannot judge this man, but our Lord told us you will know them by their fruits, what it is know happening in the North East is rotten! Listen to these and decide for yourselves, let me know what you think, God Bless you all. Keep the faith,

Viva Christo Rey! *

Santa María de Guadalupe Esperanza nuestra, salva nuestra patria y conserva nuestra Fe!