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NOVEMBER 2013 – Nº 49
Dear friends and benefactors,
On these of twenty-five years anniversary of the survival operation, it might be useful to draw a parallel between
Mgr. Marcel Lefebvre and St. Jo
an of Arc. The latter said with simplicity and strength:
“ In fact, there is nobody in the world, neither king nor
duke, nor daughter of the king of Scotland, or someone
else who could regain the kingdom of France. And it would help if it is not me. “
Mgr. Lefebvre said, in turn, with a similar unpretentiousness :
“There is no pride or complacency to say that God in Hi
s merciful wisdom, saved the
legacy of His Priesthood,
His grace, His revelation, through these two bishops (Mgr
Castro Mayer himself). We did not choose but God did, He
guided us in the maintenance of all the wonders of His Incarnation and His Redemption. “(… )
“I can hear people say : “You’re exaggerating ! We have more and more good bishops who pray, have faith, who
are sharing their teachings… “Would the saints, when they accept
the false religious freedom, that is the secular state, the
false ecumenism, the admission of several ways of salvation,
the liturgical reform, the practical negation of the sacrifice
of the Mass, the new catechisms with all their errors and he
resies, they officially contribute to the revolution in the
Church and its destruction.”
In a beautiful article Mgr. Tissier de
Mallerais published in “The Salt of the Earth,” and in line with Mgr.
Lefebvre, he forcefully declared his opposition to any co
mmunion with the enemies of the Church who officially
contribute to its destruction. I somewhat criticized him in
another writing, I would like
to do him justice and make
amends by recognizing the merit of his beautiful article.
That said, we would like to see him do more and Father
Faure who could make the most of good anti-modernist
doctrines, what Mgr. Tissier de Mallerais has got at a higher
level; he has courageously de
nounced the leaders’ liberal
orientations of the Brotherhood, what Mgr. Tissier de Mallerais has not yet done. And why has he not yet done it? The
answer can be found with Father Faure. Like De Gaulle in Al
geria, like Pope Paul VI with the Second Vatican Council,
the language and ambiguous actions of Menzingen confuse more
than one. Thus the policy of reconciliation goes out of
its way, little by little, all that could be an obstacle to progre
ssive rapprochement with or without consent. The benefit of
the doubt continues to bear bitter fruit and paralyzes th
e best. Mgr. Lefebvre can maintain Tradition by resisting the
liberal temptation, withstanding can be shown both by priests or by lay people, by those in the Brotherhood or by those
What will be the outcome of this fight, since it is a r
eal fight? only God knows what may happen. Whether the
Brotherhood regains or a new organization em
erges or withstanding is spread here and there, what is certain is that our
duty is to keep intact the deposit of faith following the example of Bishop Lefebvre. The soldiers will fight and God will
give the victory in time.
Let our Lady keep us away from double talk. Let our ye
s be yes, our no be no. Everything else comes from the
Father Prior
September 12, 2013
Feast of Holy Name of Mary




Twenty- Five Years
The twenty-five years’ anniversary of the survival oper
ation is also the anniversary of our break with Dom
Gerard, due to his refusal of the agreement made be
tween Barroux and the Conciliar Church. Both documents listed
below make us relive these decisive days for our monastery.
Let Our Lady keep us faithful
to the grace received there
twenty-five years ago when Mgr. Lefebvre helped and guid
ed us in that fight which was well above our strength.
The 1988 Agreements
Letter of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith
to Dom Gerard Calvet
Rome, 25-7-1988
Reverend Father,
In response to the letter you sent to the Prefect of the Co
ngregation for the Doctrine of the Faith on July 8, and
your Petition to Pope dated the same day, the Cardinal Pref
ect of the Congregation and the Cardinal President of the
special Commission established in accordance with the Motu
Proprio “Ecclesia Dei” dated 2 July 1988 are happy to
inform you of the following.
During an audience granted to Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger on July 23, 1988, the Pope kindly declared:
1. I cancel all the censures and irre
gularities incurred – due to the receipt
of Holy Orders from Bishop Marcel
Lefebvre then “a divinis” – all members of Sainte-Madelei
ne community in Barroux and Santa Cruz of Nova Friburgo;
2. I grant the two communities full reconciliation with the
Apostolic See, under the co
nditions already offered by
Cardinal Paul Augustin Mayer during his visit to the monastery of Le Barroux on June 21, 1988, in accordance with
paragraph 6 a) of the Motu Proprio “Ecclesia Dei”, namely:
permission to use, in private and in
public, liturgical books in force in
1962, for community members and those
who attend their houses ;
the possibility to call a bishop, according to the canonical ru
les, to give orders followi
ng the Pontifical authorized
the prior of each autonomous house to
issue dimissorial letters required ;
the right of the faithful to receive the sacraments accord
ing to the books granted in homes communities, following
Canons 878, 896 and 1122 of the CIC ;
the possibility of a pastoral through apostolic works a
nd the offices are borne by
communities, following Canons
These measures will take effect upon receipt of this le
tter. Other potential legal problems will have to be
submitted to the jurisdiction of the Special Committee who is to implement the Motu Proprio “ Ecclesia Dei.”
Finally, with regard to the integration of the two comm
unities into the Benedictine C
onfederation, the Cardinal
President of the Special Commission requires the abbot to take with him arrangements, as expressed on this subject in
your letter dated 8 July 1988.
We must add that the Holy Father, se
nsitive to the feelings of loyalty an
d attachment you ha
ve shown, has no
doubt about your sincere wish to contribute to the good of souls through your ministry and fellowship with Himself and
all the Pastors of the Church, and He especially counts on your prayers and those of your brothers.
Reverend Father, sincerely in the Lord.
Joseph Card. Ratzinger Paul Augustin Card. Mayer
Statement denying the concessions
of the Congregation for the Doctrine
of the Faith
As Prior of the Monastery of Santa Cruz da Nova Fribur
go – RJ Brazil, after having
considered the problem and
prayed before God, considering my responsibility towards th
is monastery and my eternal salvation, I come before my
Superiors before my brethren and the Holy Church to declare the following:
The Monastery of Santa Cruz refuses the agreement betw
een the Sacred Congregation for the Doctrine of the
Faith, in the person of Cardinal Ratzinger and Mayer and Dom
Gerard Calvet, Prior of the Monastery of St. Madeleine du
Our Monastery of Santa Cruz was included in the terms of the agreement that we come here to refuse, because we
has not been consulted about it, although we were in Le
Barroux during the negotiations. Our disagreement was known.
The reasons for our refusal :
1 – This agreement means our insertion and our commitment
towards “the conciliar Church
.” This can be inferred
from the Canons mentioned in the agreement and that put us
in close contact with the diocesan bishop and under his
control. According to Canon 679, which is part of the agreement, the diocesan bishop, whose criteria are always those of
the New Church, has the power to expel us from the diocese.
2 – The agreement provides our full reconciliation with
the Apostolic See under the terms of the Motu Proprio
“Ecclesia Dei”, a document that proclaimed the excommunicat
ion of Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre. But we have never
been separated from the Apostolic See and
we will continue to declare and profess
our perfect communion with the See of
Peter. We separate from the modernist and liberal who organized the meeting in Assisi and praised Luther. We do not
want reconciliation with Rome.
3 – The agreement is based on the Motu Proprio “Ecclesia Dei” which excommunicated Archbishop Lefebvre. So
taking part in this agreement, we will recognize the injustic
e exercised towards Archbishop Lefebvre, Bishop Antonio de
Castro Mayer and four new bishops whose excommunication was null and void. We do not follow Bishop de Castro
Mayer or Archbishop Lefebvre as leaders. We follow the Catho
lic Church. But at present, th
e two confessors of the faith
were the only bishops against the self-destruction of the Church
. It is not possible for us to be separated from them. Thus,
as it was the case in the fourth century, at the time of Ar
ianism, it was a sign of orthodoxy to be “in communion with
Athanasius” (and not with Pope Liberius ) and so we think
that to united with Archbishop Lefebvre and Bishop de Castro
Mayer is a sign of loyalty to the Church. Saint Paul the
Hermit gives us a good example when asking St. Anthony,
Patriarch of hermits, to be buried in the cloak of St. Athana
sius. The reason, according to St. Jerome, was that he wanted
to make it clear that he would rather die for the faith and
in communion of St. Athanasius, defender of orthodoxy against
the Arian heresy.
4 – The wish expressed by virtually all
Brazilian benefactors also lead us to re
ject the agreement. In doing so we
are also trying to respect Canon 1300 of the Code.
To our Superiors we feel obliged for our faith and vocatio
n, to repeat the words of St. Godfrey of Amiens and
Saint Hugh of Grenoble to Pope Paschal II “… God forbid
as you would be to move away from your obedience. “
And St. Bernard tells us : “He who acts badly because he
was ordered to do so does not act out of obedience but
out of rebellion. He does it the other way round, he stops ob
eying God to obey men. “(Cf. Complete Works of Saint
Bernard – Charpentier Tome I Ep. VII).
Br. Thomas Aquinas OSB
On the feast of the Apos
tle Saint Bartholomew
in the year of our Lord 1988.
With our best wishes. May our Lord blessed
you all for Christmas and the New Year.
Report of the Cellarer
Our school run by the Sisters of Our Lady of the Rosa
ry Institute, needs new mistresses and new buildings to
cope with the increasing number of pupils.
The monks, too, still need your charity to lead their mona
stic existence. All of them are grateful to you for any
help you can give, and you can be sure of
their prayers for all your intentions.
Brother Cellarer
Addresses for correspondence and bank accounts for those who want to help us:
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