Bulletin Monastery Of San Jose


Saint Rafael Guízar Valencia


Please note with joy that the Monastery continues to consolidate and grow thanks to your support and prayers.

Easter and recent developments in the world and in the Church we must warn against the enemies of Christ who is increasingly more malicious, powerful and destructive than ever. The Cross will always be our instrument of triumph and Reconquista. The Santa Fe (Holy Faith) will always be the platform where you have to rise to challenge in Christ and with Christ. Hope for its part has to be the impregnable fortress of Christ and where the children of Holy Church must be placed under the protection of Mary and Joseph. And charity (should be the) motor, fire, the force of attraction that should lead our souls and all the world to God.

Do not be fooled by wolves, by advertising, by illusions, of the pomps and shows of the devil. Catholics are slaves of evil for their lack of love for God, and slaves for their lack of love for the Truth. (They) Do not know the way to Heaven because they love darkness rather than the light, love themselves more than God and neighbor. They have no life in their souls because they prefer the corruption of the flesh, which expires, which dies, instead of fulfilling the first commandment not prefer anything to God.

In this May pray the complete Rosary in honor of our heavenly Queen and Mother, the Blessed Virgin Mary. Let us remain within the prayers of San José to not falter in our strength and in our love for the Blessed Virgin.

On the other hand, gladly share with you the news that the Holy Lent brought us many blessings, especially the visit of His Excellency Bishop Richard Williamson, who gave us the sacrament of Confirmation to 23 people, he blessed us and our work and gave us much encouragement to continue with joy this Benedictine house of San Jose.

We continue with several projects and have completed a few. The septic tank, our garden and the basement is already finished. The excavation of a water well to be self-sufficient and wiring are still in the process of being completed. Our next project in the close future is the cloister, build a garden to the cloister and the second floor to accept more young people to try their monastic vocation.

I turn to ask for your generous support to continue to grow for the glory of God.

The monks assure you of their continued prayers for each of you.

With my holy blessing,

Father Rafael OSB,