Dom Thomas Aquinas vs. Bishop Williamson Transcription in English below video

By attempting to spread his “speculations” among Dom Thomas Aquina’s flock back in 2013 or 2014(?), Bishop Williamson had forced Dom Thomas to interrupt and publicly rebuke him in order to protect the faithful who were presented with the bishop’s dangerous ideas.

That was back when Dom Thomas was still seeing things clearly.

With all due respect, it is a mystery to have Dom Thomas perceiving this speculation of “Benedict having a good will” as a danger deserving of a public interruption and reproach, WHILE, at the same time, overlooking (and defending!) the more recent and dangerous statements of Bishop Williamson:

– “Archbishop Lefebvre would publicly say ‘stay away’ from
the New Mass”; (…) “but I am going to stick my neck out in a long way (…)”

– “I do not say that every person should stay away from every single Novus Ordo Mass”…

– “The New Mass can be attended with the effect of building your Faith”…

– “You make your own judgements…”

– “If the NOM had in all those years made them lose the faith, how would they have come to Catholic Tradition? ”

– “Do whatever you need to nourish your faith…”

– “There have been eucharistic miracles with the Novus Ordo Mass. They are still occurring…”


Since some are prone to believe Bishop Williamson just spills silly words and then “repents” of them, let us look at some recent events to debunk this myth.

If Bishop Williamson had repented of his words he should have made amendments instead of asking Dom Thomas to remove the video from his ‘official’ youtube channel… Unfortunately his wish was swiftly granted. Would that be the beginning of Dom Thomas’ fall?

In any event, we would like to mention this is not the first time Bishop Williamson is believed to have repented of doing/saying something without apologizing or amending; let us present some other similar episodes:

1. Bishop Williamson has said “he was not proud of having his signature” on those grateful words directed towards Benedict XVI upon the releasing of his Motu Proprio, YET he has not done any amendments which would lead us to believe his repentance was true. As a matter of fact, we have a concrete reason to believe he is not repented at all; otherwise he would not have said –together with his own personal visionary– the first “Rosary Crusade” were a success.

*The first “rosary crusade” was a request to free the Traditional Mass, they estimate the endeavor as a success and they credit (blamed, really) Our Lady, along with Benedict XVI as the one who has granted us the Motu Proprio(!).

2. Bishop Williamson has administered Confirmations in the heretical Chapel of the Feeneyites (allegedly without knowing they were Feeneies); upon being informed of this fact he said he was ashamed of it, but no reparation or apology were issued. Someone should let Bishop Williamson know shame is not synonym of repentance. True repentance requires reparation and willingness of not committing it ever again. Shame, by itself, is a sign of pride, as if one were ashamed for being caught, not necessarily for their mistake.

3. Dom Thomas was informed Bishop Williamson was ashamed of the infamous conference. But instead of apologizing and repairing the mess to some extent, he chose to ask this person to remove the video of circulation and to stopping talking about it. Dom Thomas KNOWS about this fact!

Basically, all this mess could have been avoided with a simple acknowlegdement and an apology, but Bishop Williamson is no man of apologies… Well, unless if the ones affected were Benedict XVI and the Jews, that is.

Anyhow, here we have a reproduction posted on another youtube channel of the episode where Bishop Williamson “charitably speculates” about Benedict XVI’s “good will”, which prompted a just and necessary rebuke from Dom Thomas.

It is also hard not to notice at the end the very disturbing mockery the Bishop produces in a so serious matter… Reminds me of the “Bloopers” video produced by Fr. Rostand, and that is obviously very unfortunate. People, specially at that time, were suffering immensely, some were losing their faith, others were compromising, some have had break downs, others were hating each other’s guts, etc., and that’s how Bishop Williamson and Father Rostand were treating the matter… Very telling!


English transcription of the video:

Bishop Williamson: “(…) The heroism is difficult. The heroism is tiresome. And, perhaps, among Traditionalists there is this tiresomeness. They are tired of resisting. I don’t know… I don’t know. The temptation exists nonetheless. And there hasn’t been a clearly resistance regarding this temptation in the past few years. Therefore, how will this all end? I think there’s a danger of an agreement before the end of this year. I’m not saying that will be one. I’m not saying that will be one. But I do say there is a danger there will be one. In other words: the Pope wants to make sure, before dying, the religion of his childhood is compatible, that it does not contradict the religion it has been promoted from his seminary. He wants the assurance they are reconcilable. That they do not contradict each other, so he can die with a clean conscience.
I think this might be how pope is reasoning: he’s looking to have a clean conscience before dying. And if the SSPX reaches an agreement with the council, the Pope will personally have some peace of mind. It is just my speculation. It is not relevant. But it is possible this is the reason why the Pope wants a deal quickly.”

Dom Thomas: But the Pope is smart…

Bishop Williamson: Yes…

Dom Thomas: He knows that if the SSPX comes to them they (SSPX) will accept the Council

Bishop Williamson: Yes!

Dom Thomas: And they (SSPX) will cease to be the Tradition…

Bishop Williamson: Yes!

Dom Thomas: So, It’s confusing. There won’t be Tradition anymore…

Bishop Williamson: Yes! Yes! Sure. The good will of the Pope towards Tradition could be a calculation…

Dom Thomas: I do not know if would be a calculation. But he’s smart enough to know Bishop Fellay will change…

Bishop Williamson: Yes…

Dom Thomas: That the Society (SSPX) will change…

Bishop Williamson: Yes…

Dom Thomas: It is not a contradiction with the religion of his childhood. It is not a reunion with the religion of his childhood, It is an adapted religion.

Bishop Williamson: Who knows? It is my speculation.

It is true that the Pope may have a nobler motivation, to break down the resistance of Tradition, that is. It is perhaps a little more cynical to think that way, but for the modernists this is normal for sure.

Normally, the modernists want to absolutely dissolve the resistance of Tradition. And this may be the main motivation of the Pope. Yes, it can be. God knows. We don’t know.

I was speculating in a charitable manner towards the Pope, saying he wants…

For I am gentle… I am emotional… I’m loving… I’m not hard… I’m not terrible as people say… Ah Ah Ah.

No one understands me… Nobody loves me… Ahhhhh…

I don’t give a [cucumber] damn!