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Dear Friends and Benefactors,

This new year of 2019 has already seen great blows against our most Holy Religion, coming especially from the Holy See of St. Peter in Rome. Pope Francis suppressed the Ecclesia Dei Commission, which, although it was a trap to undermine and destroy Tradition in the Catholic Church, it still had some influence in spreading the Latin Mass to Dioceses throughout the world. The Ecclesia Dei compromised communities thought that they had in Ecclesia Dei something they could lean on and appeal to for some help against the far left wing in the Church. However, 30 years after its founding by John Paul II with the expressed purpose of bringing the “followers of Archbishop Lefebvre” into the mainstream modernist Church of the Council, referred to Our Blessed Mother at Fatima as “the Wicked Council”, this work has essentially been accomplished.

Hence, there are two tragedies worked out by this suppression of Ecclesia Dei Commission by Pope Francis.

  1. The work of the Commission is considered essentially completed—job well done, The majority of the so-called followers of Archbishop Lefebvre have abandoned the fight for the Faith against all modern errors and are ready to become docile members of the NewChurch Order, so long as they can just keep there Latin Mass and not personally compromise, whatever that means. Hell rejoices over this apparent victory.
  2. The poor victims, the good and well intentioned priests, and faithful who fell for the Ecclesia Dei Trap are now wound up more tightly in the wicked spider web of the false movement of a “Liturgical and moral Traditionalism” which was the Indult of 1988, Motu Proprio of 2007, the Fraternity of St. Peter, Institute of Christ the King, etc. etc. etc. Now these poor societies and groups are going to be swallowed more and more deeply into the the throat of the snake of Modernist Rome. They thought that they could infiltrate wicked Rome, subvert its wickedness, make a coup de tas from within and throw the wicked Modernists out. Beat the Devil at his own game. Does not the saying go “fight fire with fire”?——The only trouble is that when you fight fire with fire all you get is a bigger, hotter and worse fire. Christ fights fire with water, the holy water of Baptism’s uncompromising, unwavering and unchanging Faith as well as the Holy Water filled with salt that drives out the Devil and his wicked cohorts, extinguishing the fires of Hell that have reached the surface of the earth.
  3. Who is to blame, who primarily orchestrated these tragedies for the Faith? The Holy Father, Pope Francis and his predecessors Benedict XVI and John Paul II, who established and developed the Ecclesia Dei specifically to fulfill its stated purpose of ending “the Lebebvrist movement”, first mentioned by John Paul II in 1988 and then repeated by Pope Francis 30 years later in 2019.

Let it be known that these two tragedies will be only temporary, this hour of darkness will not last, Like all moves of the wicked enemy of Our Lord and His beautiful Universe from the top of the Empyrean Heaven where dwelleth Christ and His Saints, to the Center of the Earth where dwelleth His Justice in Hell, it is just another failed blow of Satan. As Bishop Sheen used to say the Devil has only an “hour”: Christ has His “day.” A Day is 24 times longer than an hour. 12 times longer in the Old Testament and 12 times longer in the New Testament. At the end of the World on “The Day” of Judgment we will see how, at each of the “hours” of time, the Devil was allowed to work his empty wiles and wicked lies only to form Saints, to Strengthen Faith, to build up the Kingdom of Christ, and to adorn with glory the warriors who will receive their public crowns of glory on that last Eternal “Day” of Judgment.
We will see the beauty of God’s Ways and the utter complete failure of the eternally to be forgotten “hour(s)” of the Devil. 2019 is just another “hour” of the Devil’s lies.

1.The first lie of Satan in the 1988 creation of the Ecclesia Dei Commission was to establish this doomed Commission on the basis of destroying the movement John Paul II called the movement of “Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre’s disobedient Schism” and to call those that followed his way and teaching “Lefebvrists” and “Schismatics”, as if the good Archbishop invented something new or divisive in the Church of Christ. This is a lie. We are not followers of an Archbishop Lefebvre movement, we are not “Lefebvrists”. We are followers of the Movement of Christ the King, Christ the Priest, His holy Mother the Queen of the Universe. We are followers of Our Holy Mother, the One True Catholic Church, outside of which happiness, and salvation are impossible. The first lie? Movement of Lefebvrists destroyed? The Archbishop simply handed down what he received (Tradidi Quod et Accepi), a Faith that will never be lost and must continue to be handed down by us to the next generation.

Every True Catholic appreciates the work of the Archbishop in preserving the Holy Catholic Priesthood and Faith of all time so as to hand it down to the next generation. Because he imitated his anscestors in Faith by not compromising in Doctrine and by believing in Charity (Credidimus in Caritate ABL coat of Arms “we have believed in Charity”), he brought Christ in his Faith and true Sacraments to the ends of the earth that souls may be saved, everywhere. We must do as he did and pass this undying Faith onto the next generation with the aid of our most holy Mother and St. Joseph. St. Joseph was not afraid when he fled into Egypt with Christ. He was only fulfilling prophecy and preparing for Christ’s victory over Satan. The devil thought he had Christ on the run then, and he thinks he has Christ’s Mystical Body on the run now. The literally damned, proud fool will never learn will he. The Ecclesia Dei Commission was founded on a lie, lived a lie and now has perished a forgotten lie. The work of Faith, not begun but picked up by Archbishop Lefebvre has not ended, we continue it here at Our Lady of Mt. Carmel in our little Seminary and missions. Whatsoever Catholic anywhere in the world who upholds the True Faith of all time, without which it is impossible to please God, does the same and continues the movement of Christ’s holy Church.

  1. The second lie is to finish the deception, integration of the poor innocent priests, and faithful of the “Ecclesia Dei lie“ and trap. The Devil will not succeed. God’s grace under the gentle hand and most terrifying feet of the most Immaculate Queen of Heaven shall reach into the hearts of those elect whom the Devil “has tried to deceive, if possible even the elect” (Mt. 24:24). She who is more terrible than an army set at battle array shall preserve her children from complete deception. Is it possible to deceive those in “the folding of her mantle”? Is it possible? No! It is absolutely impossible!!! Love Mary, say her Rosary daily, keep the Faith of her Son unblemished, don’t let it be mixed along side a “New Mass” which is not “new.” It is only an old sacrilege with new trappings for newly born souls from the Father of Lies. Don’t have the Faith of Her most pure and perfect Son be tainted with the impurities of Modernism, Evolutionism, the heresies of Vatican II. Step out of the deception and come into the Arms of Mary – she awaits, and the devil cowers and is about to be crushed. The “hour” of Mary is about to come as she predicted in Quito, Ecuador 400 years ago “my hour when I will defeat Satan in a most marvelous way.”

The third point – what about the Holy Father, Pope Francis? Shall we be angry with him? After all, is he not now cursing and blaspheming God when he says that God wills multiple faiths? Is he not doing evil in sapping the fight out of Archbishop Lefebvre’s SSPX? Is he not crushing Tradition in Christ’s True Church? Is he not in a word cursing and swearing “I do not know the man” (Mt. 26:74) ? What did Judas do on that first night when the first holy Father denied Christ saying that He was only a man? He despaired. What did Caiphas do? He rejoiced? What did St. Mary Magdalen do? She wept. What did Christ do? The Scripture tells us “Conversus Dominum”, The Lord “converted”. The Lord turned and looked at Peter (Lk. 22:61) at the end of so long and terrible a night of denials. His Divine Sorrowful eyes penetrated deep into Simon’s weak and timid soul. His Divine look cracked the Rock inside that fisher of fish’s body and out came the water of tears, at first bitter and then life giving to us all. The Jews drank from the rock in the Desert. We drink from the rock of Christ, the Rock imbedded in him who is called by Christ Himself “The Rock.” The successor of the Rock calls himself Francis the humble, though he is most proud and nothing like his namesake. Francis now is it seems, like his first predecessor was, just a fisher of fish, pulling souls like fish out of the water of sin only to die of exposure and lack of Faith on the boat, rotting from the head. . . . What should we do about such a successor of Peter? Why not imitate Christ and His Holy Mother? Why not poor forth our prayers and tears that Christ fulfill His Prohecy in Francis “you are a fisher of fish, but I will make you a fisher of Men.” Our Lady of Fatima said that the pope would consecrate Russia, but late. The pope (beginning with Pius XI 1929) could only be late in such a sorrowful world only if he had a heart of stone. The Eyes of Christ, and the hand of Mary can make water to come out of rock, they can make Faith and Charity come out of Pope Francis. Christ could have been angry with Simon Peter, but He was not. Let us therefore imitate Him and pray for the conversion of the Holy Father which will happen the moment Christ turns and looks at him so that he can be “converted” and strengthen the brethren.” (Lk. 22:32)

Meanwhile any of you interested in receiving a visit From the priests of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, to be allowed the privilege to bring you Christ in His True Faith and True Traditional Sacraments please contact us at one of the numbers or contacts below.

In Christ,
Fr. Joseph Pfeiffer
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