Fr. Chazal, News from Asia and Australia


Chazal Francois

Dear Fr Pfeiffer,

Austrasia is waxing ever stronger, essentially with recent inroads in Australia, Philippines, and India. The other places are holding the line with marginal increase or no decrease. We received more priests, but your opening of new Resistance strongholds in Zamboanga and Illigan and other developpement make our shortage ever more acute for these good people, most of them having decided to bail out entirely from the compromised ship.
You know my position on that matter. There is no more Sunday obligation towards the xspx, nay, there is often an obligation not to go there.

It is still underway, but we are now in the concluding phase, with the completion of the reroofing of our villagers of Ormoc, Leyte. We are both aware that the past mistakes must not be repeated, the main one being the distribution of aid far from our Mass centers, with no local follow up, in an anonymous way, like the global NGOs. I think the intention of our donators is that their temporal help further support the Catholic Faith in a convincing and verifiable way; and we must make every penny count on that matter. So…

In Dagohoy, (Bohol island), the aftermath of the 7.2 earthquake doesn’t seem that catastrophic after all. When I made the first visit, the villagers were still terrified by powerful aftershocks; eating, sleeping outside of their houses, with no power, no phones, no gadgets.
At my second visit, everything seemed almost back to normal, everybody sleeping back in their houses, with power and all gadgetry back in business. Romeo being a mason, and not a free one, or free only for work; I asked him about our damaged chapel. He answered that three out of four walls were mostly all right, and that the floor and the roof were in good condition. So I got away for 50000 pesos ($1200) in order to rebuild and improve the sanctuary side, with a solid altar under a back oven style vault and three sanctuary windows.
The tribe has grown with the marriage in Tagbilaran, they are a happy lot.

Typhoon Yolanda was much more deadly that what the media portrayed. Some of our faithfuls talked to the department of engeneering in a place outside of Tacloban. They told them that on one day 10 000 people got buried, then 5000 the next day, then 5000 the day after. In Tacloban itself, the real figure is 41000, mostly children and elderly people who couldn t hold the upper beam of their house when the tidal wave came.
The powers that be want the life of everyone else to go on as usual, by making this disaster a normal natural catastrophy, not an uncommon wrath of the elements (winds of 300, even 400kms/h). At the same time, after a lull of a few days, food and medical help came in abundance.

In Leyte, I found that the house of a parishioner was seriously damaged in Hindang, and gave them 40000 pesos to relocate themselves. Hindang remains a very small mission, like the microscopic miraculous statue of Our Lady which is venerated over there.

In Maasin and Santa Cruz, southern Leyte, people even saw blue skies during the typhoon, they were totally spared, but in Ormoc, three hours north, that is quite another story.

The devastation was quite staggering over there and the whole of Northern Leyte, and Samar. Roofless houses everywhere, power lines destroyed and all trees brought down, is such a wise that you can see miles around. People looked all tired, and many businesses have been crippled, but there were not many deaths in Ormoc. Many fires generating a lot of smoke wouldn’t keep the mosquitoes away; no fan at night.
You were the first to reach the area, just a few days after the catastrophe, distributing 150000 pesos to Chelo, our main contact. A week later, I was able to cobble another 150000, totalling 7000 US dollars. Another 8000 australian dollars are on the way, and what we are thinking about is to reroof all the villagers around Chelo s house. Chelo and her Husband have been catechizing those villagers for a long time, they are well known.
The goal is to avoid doing the same thing as the NGOs, distributing randomly and anonymously vast amount of food supplies. I was showed the village around, for the first time, 250 houses, at least 1000 people. When they learned that Baptism is free of charge, I had 12 babies lined up… who all got baptised like twelve stars on Saturday, the eve of the Immaculate Conception. Father Elijah went there on the Holy Name of Jesus, and baptized an additional 14 children.
Lastly, I am also very grateful of another 5000 dollars donation, from Australia, to build a Chapel for these people. Ormoc could become a big center soon. Let s see.

After this, Bishop Williamson came two days to perform ordinations, both of Fr Elijah ofm., just for the sake of convalidating his priesthood, (a dying practice in the xspx), and of Brother John, for all four Minor Orders. I made a great display of my liturgical ineptitude, but it could have been even worse, since you came for most of the action, before hopping in another plane bound for the other side of your little parish, Planet Earth.
I also used the occasion to have His Lordship visit attorney Lim’s family, to make some amends of the disastrous and stupid marriage sacramental blackmailing they underwent recently, on the very afternoon of the marriage, in front of the cream of the cream of Manila (justices, High Court magistrates, mayors…). The issue was the presence of a certain Alexis Sanchez in the catwalk… i mean, the man was given Holy Communion and was the first witness of the marriage, but, the catwalk… you cannot imagine. Perhaps I shouldn’t have been flabergasted myself, because sacramental blackmail is becoming routine in the xspx.
I told the family not to sue Fr Couture, but Quos Deus vult perdere dementat.

Then the Resistanced hit a glitch, for normally, the Australian electronic visa takes 2 minutes to get. I told His Lordship;”How can they deny you… it is only one chance in six millions”. He didn’t deny back at me, but we ve got a problem. The Australian Resistance is in full expansion and needs a Bishop to nail it.

But bureaucratic idiosyncrasies work both ways for us. Fr Ortiz is stuck down under because of his passport. This is perfect, because the flock has grown so much that we need a permanent priest over there. I saw 240 people, to which we could add the parish of Fr Hartley in Brisbane, who says that he has now 40 souls. The two main centers are Tynong and Brisbane, 70 people each, but Adelaide has grown to 17 while Sydney has two groups of 27 and last but not least, there is Streaky Bay.
Fr Fullerton threarened the faithfuls, that they would be denied the mass if they accomodated the Resistance. So they called the bluff, and when the next xspx priest came, 2 people attended his service. I wish the rest of the planet, (I mean, your parish,) could take example.
Austalia deserves the best, I find then very strong, highly organized. They are so generous that I don t need to sollicit people in your american turf to provide for the needs of the whole Austrasia.

I think those people wouldn’t be so many to realize the xspx crisis at the top, if they didn t see their owns priest showing the signs of this changing situation. Just a few examples.
In Tynong, Fr Delsorte has been distributing the famous resistance antidote, Fr Themann s conference. That has simply confirmed the fears of the faithfuls, namely that the xspx is wide open to a deal with FNR (fornicating new rome), and that the AFD (Bp.. Fellay s April 15th Declaration) is still upheld. My thanks to Fr Themann; people know better what we resist against. In Brisbane, it seems that Fr Taouk has calmed down, while Fr Karl Pepping is very liberal, so the faithfuls say. He is said to have a big picture of Benedict XVI in his office, and admnits that there are plenty of good things in Vatican II. “We dare to say that there are good things in Vatican II”… i heard that somewhere.
In the Resistance we don’t preach about the crisis in the Church at every sermons, that is not what God is asking, but what the faithfuls worry about is that the xspx priests are not touching the subject, or do it in such a timid way. They remember the fiery sermons of decades past, but the fire has died down.

The visit of India by His Lordship was a great success, both you and Fr Valan told me. Especially in Goa, for Goa was always a difficult ground and you told me we had 52 people (Tito told me 60), and even a marriage to celebrate.Twice the ceremony was forbidden, and twice the ceremony was relocated, with the whole crowd of 200 following; many people being surprised and wanting to know more about Tradition. Looks like a spell has been lifted. The Bishop gave a roaring conference that you had better post… just for your safety.
The villagers of RN Kandigai are still totally attached to us, and even the big Nadar community of Ramanpudur is calling again. Our efforts of 2004, maybe, were not in vain.
in Chennai, 92 people attended and more than 50 in Bombay, while a novus ordo priest is thinking about joining us. Fr Valan is preparing a big move as well. Fr Pancras is getting younger.

I had a few fears about our position in Korea, but they just dissipated as the Sunday Mass attendance just grew to 24. Some parishners who fell out with Fr Onoda a long time before the 2012 crisis are beginning to return. Korea has suffered a lot of divisions in the past.
I don’t know why, but i feel very attached to them, same as the Japanese, Singaporeans and Malays. In Japan and Malaysia, we have a core of one family, plus several other people, whereas in Singapore we still have a group of twenty or so.
In Seoul, Fr Couture is moving to court to expel us from the flat. The cruel irony is that Doctora Kim is still paying for it, to the tune of 100000 dollars. But Fr Couture has a little time and wants to finish the matter because…

Fr Thouvenot said that he is indeed removed from Asia this year. I will miss him because he made two things so abundantly clear to us in 2012 (cf. War Aims document):
1- that a new doctrine has infected the top of the Society
2- that this new doctrine is assorted with severe punishments.
Five priests joined the resistance from his district; myself, yourself, Fr Ortiz, Fr Valan and Fr Suelo. He also shocked Fr Elijah, sending him to us in the process. The Resistance has a great debt of gratitude for him, priests being so vital, no matter how, especially how few priests we are still. I prayed that he would stay in Asia, even after 18 years, but maybe if he goes to France, as the rumor sayeth, he will be the eye opener of undecided confreres.
His replacement is Fr Stehlin, a man totally dedicated to the new thinking.
Even if he backed Fr Laisney and his sophisms, or the scurrility of the squirrels, Fr Stehlin is probably more liberal than him; he is the one who promoted the ordination ceremonies of the various Ecclesia Dei contraptions on his polish website, something even Fr Laisney wouldn’t do, yet, i think. He will continue to encourage Fr Beaublat to collaborate with the archdiocese of Chennai, saying the equivalent of an indult mass there. (The deal with the novus ordo wasn t signed, yet it is happening locally, so that the future signing of it will be a recognition of fact).
I think that Fr Couture will be an eye opener in France, and that Fr Stehlin’s presence will be a further confirmation for our faithfuls, that we did not fabricate anything about the sad new smoke in the Society.

Sed non praevalebunt.

In Iesu et Maria,
Francois Chazal+