Sheep Stealing Summary

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Here is a brief summary of what was presented to the Faithful:

In summary, Fr. Zendejas:
Skilfully avoids explaining why he left the SSPX or the timing of his departure;
Says nothing about whether one ought to avoid SSPX Masses or not;
Will not travel to souls, even relatively nearby (Syracuse, New Hampshire, PA);
Says that he helps those who help him;
Tells the faithful they need to be selfish in order to survive, and must not “stand up” in the boat;
Deliberately deceived the faithful about his relations with the parish pastor/founder, Fr. Pfeiffer;
Deliberately deceived Fr. Pfeiffer about his take-over of the two parishes. (12hrs notice; one year vs. until January)
Is unclear about the problem with the SSPX; claims that it is subtle and/or difficult to understand;
Claims that there is no solution to the crisis;
Seems to think that the sacraments are the most important thing, more important than doctrine;
Prepared his takeover in advance (e.g. newsletter, “St. John the Baptist” organization);
Unlike almost all resistance priests, has written no ‘letter to the faithful’ or ‘open declaration’ stating his position;
The Faithful have a right to know the doctrine of their priests!
Why does Fr. Zendejas hide his doctrine?
Why is Father Zendejas refusing to help the poor souls that need him in New Mexico, Texas, Arizona, and California?
The Spanish speaking poor need him.